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Month: July 2013

Construction Accidents Involving Trenches Can Be Prevented

Construction accidents involving trenches and excavations are often catastrophic or fatal. A recent North Dakota man escaped with his life after being buried in a 16 foot trench. Although this accident occurred far from New York City, the consequences of shoring and...

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Construction Accidents Involving Bulldozers Take A Toll

New York City is constantly under construction. One result is that construction accidents continue to happen in all five boroughs. However, New York is not alone in this. Because construction is such a dangerous job, workplace accidents involving ladders, scaffolding,...

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How Can Construction Workers Reduce Scaffold Accidents?

Scaffold accidents continue to plague construction workers. A scaffold is an elevated temporary platform that is used to support workers and materials at a construction site. A scaffold is generally used when the work can not be completed while on the ground or if it...

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Legal Issues in Fatal Construction Workers’ Accidents

Does the Family of Killed Construction Worker Abbas Behnam-Bakhsh Have a Legal Remedy?The senseless death of construction worker Abbas Behnam-Bakhsh has been chronicled over the last ten days in this blog. Mr. Behnam-Bakhsh, a 55 year-old project engineer, was crushed...

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Workplace Safety Has Been Low Priority at Craft Breweries

Many people in New York City enjoy the results of the craft beer trend. This phenomenon is nation-wide, and New York participates enthusiastically. There are more than a dozen members of the New York City Brewers Guild, with more in the pipeline. Drinking locally...

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Falling Objects Cause Construction Accidents

Falling objects are a common hazard at worksites as illustrated by a tragic construction accident that occurred last week on Governor's Island in New York Harbor. The worker was part of the crew rebuilding sections of the sea wall. The accident occurred around 8:30 AM...

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