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July 2013 Archives

Construction Accidents Involving Trenches Can Be Prevented

Construction accidents involving trenches and excavations are often catastrophic or fatal. A recent North Dakota man escaped with his life after being buried in a 16 foot trench. Although this accident occurred far from New York City, the consequences of shoring and trench accidents are the same everywhere.

Construction Accidents Involving Bulldozers Take A Toll

New York City is constantly under construction. One result is that construction accidents continue to happen in all five boroughs. However, New York is not alone in this. Because construction is such a dangerous job, workplace accidents involving ladders, scaffolding, construction vehicles, trenches, toxic substances and many other aspects of the construction industry happen all over the United States.

How Can Construction Workers Reduce Scaffold Accidents?

Scaffold accidents continue to plague construction workers. A scaffold is an elevated temporary platform that is used to support workers and materials at a construction site. A scaffold is generally used when the work can not be completed while on the ground or if it is unsafe to use another method like a ladder. Scaffolds are a necessary component of almost any construction site and are utilized for may different types of projects. They will remain an essential safety device to help workers complete construction jobs.

Hero Chief James Fortunato Rescues Injured Victim In Fiery Verrazano Bridge Crash

MTA Bridge and Tunnel Chief James Fortunato rescued a helpless woman that was trapped on the Verrazano Bridge after a violent collision between a garbage truck and a box truck. The box truck caught fire and pinned the victim. Fortunato sprung into action, later joined by a off-duty corrections officer, spraying out the flames with a fire extinguisher. Apparently the collision took place as the garbage truck and box truck were braking because of a disabled vehicle in front of them. The fire was caused by leaking fuel and it continued to reignite, making the scene extremely dangerous. The female victim is currently in critical condition. 5 others were injured. Our thoughts remain with the victims and their loved ones. Our admiration goes out to the courageous Chief Fortunato.

Unions Sue City Over Building Code Violations, Construction Practices

Local unions have sued the City of New York over construction practices and workplace safety at an apartment building at the Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn. The building at issue will be the world's tallest pre-fabricated structure when it is completed.

Simulated Motor Vehicle Accidents Reveal Poor Performance Among Small SUVs

A popular small sport utility vehicle, the Toyota RAV4, earned a "poor" rating in recent motor vehicle accident tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. However, it is not alone. Of the 13 other SUV models tested, only two, the Subaru Forrester and the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport received ratings of "acceptable" or "good."

Workplace Safety Has Been Low Priority at Craft Breweries

Many people in New York City enjoy the results of the craft beer trend. This phenomenon is nation-wide, and New York participates enthusiastically. There are more than a dozen members of the New York City Brewers Guild, with more in the pipeline. Drinking locally produced beer is good for the economy, provides jobs, and tastes great. But do we stop to consider the underside of the draft brewing industry? It turns out that workplace safety is sometimes an afterthought in craft breweries.

Block O'Toole & Murphy Interviewed on Z100 About St. Jude's Children's Hospital

Attorneys David Scher and Stephen Murphy from the personal injury firm of Block O'Toole & Murphy were recently interviewed on Z100's radio program, Get Active. They talked about the firm's long-standing involvement with St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

Trucking Accident in Upstate New York

A horrible trucking accident in upstate New York killed one person and seriously injured the truck driver. The accident occurred in Brighton on Route 590, disrupting traffic for many hours. A second minor accident occurred while traffic was being rerouted.

Policy Limits Workers Compensation Claims Unfairly, Says Court

A New York appeals court ruled that a business's probation policy discriminated against new employees who suffered workplace injuries. C & S Wholesale grocers, the biggest wholesale grocery supplier in the United States with three warehouses in New York, fired a probationary employee after he reported being injured one week before completing his probationary period.

Construction Site Fall Protection: What is the Right Equipment?

Construction workers labor under dangerous conditions every day and falls at construction sites still loom as the most dangerous component of their job. According to OSHA, falls from heights at construction sites account for more than one-third of the reported job related injuries in the United States. Safety advocates and workers unions consistently and forcefully lament that injuries are largely preventable - - and they are right. But, how can construction site falls be prevented? There is no single way to answer that question. Of course, training is important, as is preparation for any task at a construction site. One area often discussed but rarely explained is the obligation of employers, contractors and developers to provide the hard-working women and men with the right equipment to prevent worksite falls. The construction accident attorneys at Block O'Toole & Murphy will briefly outline some important points to remember in an effort to reduce construction site falls.

Explosions Cause Injuries and Death Across the United States

Explosions have many causes and occur in a variety of situations, but the results are often the same - injuries and death. A number of stories about explosions have appeared in the news media recently that illustrate both the enormity of the events and their consequences.

Statistics Tell the Story of Bicycle Accidents

Football gets a lot of attention as the cause of head injuries among children and teens. However, it turns out that bicycle accidents are far more likely to result in head injuries. Moreover, data suggests that people riding without helmets are particularly vulnerable to head injuries if they are involved in a bicycle accident.