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Month: August 2014

Labor Day: More Than a Day at the Beach

Labor Day, often marked by taking the last trip to the beach, was actually created by the labor movement in the 19th century, dedicated to celebrating the social and economic achievements of American workers.  Who was behind the movement to establish Labor Day is...

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Accident Stats Show Times, Dates and Driver Gender and Age

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles publishes motor vehicle accident statistics that provide detail about car accidents and other crashes that occur in New York City.  The most recent year available, 2012, provides data about the days and times when ...

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News You Can Use: Construction Activity in New York City

Anyone who lives, visits or works in New York City knows that construction is booming. But looks can be deceiving, even to seasoned New Yorkers. Some statistics provided by the New York City Economic Development Commission tell the more nuanced story. It turns out...

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Pedestrian Accidents More Common Among New Jersey Seniors

The Tri-State Transportation Campaign, a regional non-profit, has released the results of a study that reveals the disparity between pedestrian accidents among the elderly in New Jersey and those in other states. Elderly pedestrians in New Jersey are more likely to be...

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Hot Work and its Hazards

Unless you work in an industry where the term is commonly used, the notion of "hot work" could mean getting out on a roof in the middle of July. Hot work is defined by the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) as burning, grinding, cutting, welding or similar...

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Another NYC Bike-Car Accident Along Viaduct

There have been three bicycle fatalities at the intersection of Park Avenue and East 108th Street under the Metro-North viaduct in East Harlem in the past two years. After the most recent incident, which happened early this morning, a driver of a livery cab was taken...

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Tour Bus Accidents Not Recorded

This blog recently reported on two tour bus accidents, including a two-bus collision in Times Square last week. Interestingly, there is no agency charged with tracking the seemingly growing The bus companies have no obligation to report incidents to the city licensing...

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Our Law Firm Also Practices Employment Law

Block O'Toole & Murphy provides legal representation to clients who have experienced all types of injuries on the job -- both physical injuries and other harms that cause damage to our clients. These types of cases involve discrimination, wrongful termination,...

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