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Month: September 2013

Fatalities on the job In NYC

This blog focuses on workplace injuries and fatalities caused by poor equipment, lack of training, negligence and other causes of workplace accidents. However, we don't talk much about worker injuries and deaths caused by violence. However, in 2012, ten people died in...

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Fall Protection Emphasized at One World Trade Center

Rarely has construction work received international attention but the work at One World Trade in downtown Manhattan has transcended all of our past experiences. Indeed, as the work winds down, there are media reports about "all things" One World Trade. One of the...

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Bike Share Program Assessment

What has NYC learned after 100 days of bike share, known as Citi Bike? The program was instantly popular, with neighborhoods begging for their own bike-rack installations. Ridership has exceeded expectations -- significantly. But, there have been growing pains as...

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Pedestrian Accident Seriously Injures Long Island Man

A pedestrian-car accident seriously injured a 46-year-old man on New York Avenue in Huntington. He was hit by a car early Sunday morning as he tried to cross the street near East 12th Street. He was taken to Huntington Hospital by the Community First Aid Squad.The...

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Article Examines Impact of NYC Bicycling Boom on Safety

The serious personal injury Lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy have chronicled New York's bike craze and questioned whether the increase in biking would impact the safety of New Yorkers. The 'Citi Bike' innovation has only increased the number of bike riders in the...

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Worker Dies After Upstate New York Explosion

An explosive fire in an upstate New York wastewater treatment plant has killed one worker and left another with serious burns. The man who died suffered third-degree burns to most of his body, and had been transported to a burn center in Boston. The other worker...

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James McCloskey Is Pronounced Dead After Violent Crash

James McCloskey, a 71-year-old Brooklyn resident, was critically injured yesterday in Brooklyn when a pick-up truck jumped the curb and crashed into a bus stop, smashing through its glass wall and into the victim. The Brooklyn serious injury lawyers are bringing you a...

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