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Month: November 2014

Work Injuries Common Among Hotel Maids and Housekeepers

Few people think about the housekeepers and maids in New York City hotels. That is reflected by the fact that 31 percent do not leave tips for housekeepers and maids. These workers are often invisible. Yet, according to an article in USA Today, not only do these...

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Long Island Excavation Accident Kills Construction Worker

A man was killed in a Long Island construction accident when a concrete wall collapsed onto him. According to Huntington Manor fire officials, the man was apparently excavating an area behind the foundation of a house, intending to install a basement entrance. The...

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Fatal Workplace Accident at Staten Island Country Club

The New York City attorneys at Block O'Toole & Murphy continued to monitor stories related to worker safety throughout the metropolitan area and beyond. This week, another fatal workplace accident took place here New York City. It happened at a Staten Island...

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