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November 2014 Archives

Employees Who Report Workplace Safety Violations Protected

Employees who report violations of safety and labor laws are protected under a variety of whistleblower laws. These federal laws are enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and are designed to prevent employers from retaliating against employees.

OSHA Issues Workplace Safety Instructions for Black Friday

On Black Friday 2008, the day after Thanksgiving, an employee of a Wal Mart store on Long Island was trampled to death as an angry mob broke into the store and trampled the worker. With other employees he had been trying to keep customers out until the official opening time, 5:00 AM, but at 4:55 AM, the crowd broke down the door.

2013 Numbers Show an Increase in Traffic Injuries and Fatalities

Last month, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles released the official statistics of injuries and deaths caused by traffic accidents in New York City.  It turns out that the recent implementation of the new 25 mph default speed limit in the city is very timely, as according to Streetsblog, traffic injuries reached an all-time high in 2013.

Firefighting: Still A Dangerous Job, Despite Improvements

Fighting fires is a very dangerous occupation.  Injury and death can be the result of smoke inhalation, serious burns, falling beams and chemical poisoning, to name but a few of the risks that firefighters face every day. But it turns out that the majority of firefighter deaths are the result of heart attacks and traffic accidents.  And these causes may in turn be caused by sleep disorders, according to a recent study.

Even With Workplace Safety Precautions, Window Washing is Dangerous

Even with the best workplace safety precautions, window washing is a dangerous job in New York City. Workers are on platforms high above the street. Any malfunction in equipment can send a window washer plummeting to the ground or stuck many stories above the street. There are many near misses, as the two workers trapped on a scaffold high above the street at One World Trade Center can attest.

Car Maker Fails to Notify After Defective Ignition Switch Reported

The name of the first person known to have died because of a faulty ignition switch was redacted in the public report released by General Motors. Her family did not know that they might be eligible for compensation and had not been contacted by the giant automaker.

Fatal Workplace Accident at Staten Island Country Club

The New York City attorneys at Block O'Toole & Murphy continued to monitor stories related to worker safety throughout the metropolitan area and beyond. This week, another fatal workplace accident took place here New York City. It happened at a Staten Island country club and we have the details here.

Long Island Excavation Accident Kills Construction Worker

A man was killed in a Long Island construction accident when a concrete wall collapsed onto him. According to Huntington Manor fire officials, the man was apparently excavating an area behind the foundation of a house, intending to install a basement entrance.

Recent Pedestrian Deaths Reveal Risk to Elderly

Right after the lower speed limits took effect in New York City as part of the mayor’s Vision Zero initiative to eliminate pedestrian fatalities, three people were killed this past weekend within a 12-hour span.  These most recent pedestrian fatalities occurred in Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens.

Window Washers Trapped on Dangling Scaffold Are Rescued

Block O'Toole & Murphy is pleased to bring you an update on the harrowing scene in lower Manhattan where two window washers were trapped on a scaffold towering above the hallowed grounds of the World Trade Center site. This scaffold was dangling, nearly upside down with the 2 workers holding on for dear life.

Pedestrian-Car Accidents: Preventable with Speed Limit Change?

As part of Mayor de Blasio's Vision Zero initiative, an effort to eliminate pedestrian accident fatalities in New York City, the 30-miles-per-hour default speed limit has been lowered to 25-miles-per-hour. The change went into effect on November 7, and a piece in New York Magazine, summarized below, tells the story of the change and its hoped-for effect on the number of pedestrian deaths - a number that almost equals that of murders in the city.

NYC Law Firm Block O'Toole & Murphy, LLP, Named To National "Best Law Firm" List

U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers have announced their 2015 rankings, and we are proud to report that Block O'Toole & Murphy, LLP has been named to their prestigious list of "Best Law Firms" in the United States. Also, once again, the rankings include firm Partners Jeffrey A. Block, Daniel P. O'Toole and Stephen J. Murphy, individually, as "Best Lawyers" in the entire country.

NYC Personal Injury Law Firm Block O'Toole & Murphy, LLP, Secured The 10th Largest Settlement In The United States in 2014

According to The National Law Journal, the $8,800,000 personal injury settlement obtained by Block O'Toole & Murphy Partners Stephen J. Murphy and David L. Scher in January of 2014 was the 10th largest settlement in the entire country for the year 2014. On the day of her accident, Ms. Krluc was a 51 year old Queens resident, originally from Bosnia, who worked in hotel maintenance and was a loving mother and grandmother. It was an otherwise typical afternoon in early June and Ms. Krluc was walking to pick up her two grandchildren from their elementary school. Suddenly, a collision occurred in the adjacent intersection, between a Ford van and a Chevrolet minivan, which caused the Ford van to jump the curb and strike Ms. Krluc on the sidewalk where she was walking. She suffered numerous fractures and orthopedic injuries, but most significantly a brain injury, which her suit claimed resulted in permanent cognitive deficits, memory problems and mood alteration that had a devastating impact on her happiness and ability to enjoy a normal life.

New Jersey Construction Accident Kills Worker

A construction worker was killed this afternoon at a New Jersey construction site after being struck by a tape measure that fell 50 stories. The tragedy occurred at a Jersey City construction site. The victim, an unidentified male in his 50s, had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Construction Workers Continue to Face Danger at World Trade Center Site

Block O'Toole & Murphy, the New York City law firm, has been on the front line praising New York when its construction safety record warranted it. We have also been among the masses prepared to levy criticism at those who deserved it when senseless construction accidents occur.