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Month: October 2015

Stay Warm When Working Outside In New York Winters

Our previous blog discussed symptoms of cold stress and ways to deal with it. However, it is better to prevent it altogether. Below are tactics that workers and employers can use to keep job sites healthy and safe in New York City's cold winters. Keep an eye out for...

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Winter Is Coming. Know the Dangers of Outside Work.

The temperatures are dropping and winter will soon be here. With subfreezing and occasionally subzero temperatures, people who work outside in New York for extended periods need to know the risks of their jobs. What follows are things people in construction,...

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More Construction Work & Less Oversight Don’t Add Up

The New York Daily News article cited below says it best: It's a recipe for disaster. New York City is in the midst of a construction boom. New buildings are being erected at an unprecedented clip and residential and commercial construction is at an all-time high....

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Low Bridge in Bensonhurst an Accident Waiting to Happen

Many trucks cannot pass under a bridge in the Brooklyn Bensonhurst neighborhood. Residents report that the tops of trucks have been ripped off because they attempt to go under the bridge, ignoring the posted vehicle height limits. Some people say that the warning sign...

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Fine After Death of Construction Worker is Too Small

Construction worker Vidal Sanchez-Roman lost his life in a senseless construction accident in the spring of 2015. This week, the general contractor who was responsible for an alarming number of safety violations at the job site was hit with a measly $84,600 fine in...

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Do We Need More NYC Accident Statistics?

A recent New York Post story reported a proposed bill that would make it easier to get information about traffic crashes and summonses on city streets. The bill focuses on the need to create a database that focuses on truck accidents on streets that are official truck...

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Fires Coincide With National Fire Prevention Week

The Fire Department of New York City (FDNY) is holding events across the city in an effort to reduce fires and educate people about staying safe if a fire should occur. The events are part of the 92nd National Fire Prevention Week. The series of events is timely....

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