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October 2015 Archives

Fatal Demolition Accident in Midtown Manhattan

A construction worker was killed and another one was seriously injured after the inside of a building collapsed during a demolition project in midtown Manhattan. The fatal accident continues a frightening rash of deadly accidents that are plaguing the city. The flurry of serious accidents comes as new construction projects continue to pop up all over the five boroughs.

Fiat Chrysler Fails to Report Safety Problems, Faces Stiff Fine

chrysler-409795_640.jpgA previous blog reported on the recall of vehicles equipped with Takata air bags, which have inflators that can explode, particularly in older vehicles and those in humid climates. This blog discusses another recently reported safety problem with cars, this one at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA).

Government May Get Involved in Airbag Replacement

airbag.jpgThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced today that it is expanding its investigation into the matter of exploding air bags. The metal inflators that deploy the air bags upon impact expand too forcefully, spewing shrapnel into drivers and passengers.

Winter Is Coming. Know the Dangers of Outside Work.

winter city.jpgThe temperatures are dropping and winter will soon be here. With subfreezing and occasionally subzero temperatures, people who work outside in New York for extended periods need to know the risks of their jobs. What follows are things people in construction, maintenance, law enforcement, firefighting and other outdoor occupations should know about the dangers of being outside in cold weather.

Low Bridge in Bensonhurst an Accident Waiting to Happen

Many trucks cannot pass under a bridge in the Brooklyn Bensonhurst neighborhood. Residents report that the tops of trucks have been ripped off because they attempt to go under the bridge, ignoring the posted vehicle height limits. Some people say that the warning sign is too small and that the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) should put up a more visible sign.

Woman Seriously Injured in Brooklyn Truck Crash

It seems to be open season on pedestrians in New York City, of late. Today, another victim on our streets was hit by a truck - - this time in Brooklyn. The woman was seriously injured when a tractor-trailer struck and dragged her through an intersection in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn.

Fall Protection Works: Safety Harness Saves Life of Bridge Worker

brooklyn bridge.jpgToo often we highlight instances where workers are exploited because they did not receive the proper safety equipment. Too often when that happens, the consequences are tragic and lives are lost. But today, we are pleased to report about a story coming out of Texas where the life of a bridge worker was spared because he actually was provided and properly used a safety harness. The safety harness saved his life.

Fine After Death of Construction Worker is Too Small

Construction worker Vidal Sanchez-Roman lost his life in a senseless construction accident in the spring of 2015. This week, the general contractor who was responsible for an alarming number of safety violations at the job site was hit with a measly $84,600 fine in connection with his death. The punishment - - or perhaps better framed as a 'lack of accountability' - - is particularly disturbing given the degree and nature of the safety violations.

Do We Need More NYC Accident Statistics?

bar-chart-297122_640 (1).pngA recent New York Post story reported a proposed bill that would make it easier to get information about traffic crashes and summonses on city streets. The bill focuses on the need to create a database that focuses on truck accidents on streets that are official truck routes. Such streets include Canal Street and Delancy Street in Manhattan and Queens Boulevard.

Gas Leaks Common In NYC

conedworker 2.jpgRecent gas explosions in New York City have drawn attention to the condition of gas lines in the city. New York in general and Manhattan in particular has some of the oldest infrastructure of any large city in the United States, and gas pipes are no exception. The iron gas pipes are rusty and leaky. The result: Manhattan emits three to five times more natural gas than cities with better, newer pipes, according to a recent survey.