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November 2013 Archives

New Law Would Reduce Fatal Construction Accidents in NYC

According to a recently released Public Citizen report, "The Price of Inaction: The Cost of Unsafe Construction in New York City," almost two-thirds of the 36 construction workers who died on the job in New York City in 2011 and 2012 died on sites where workers did not receive state-approved training and apprenticeship programs.

Workplace Violence a Significant Cause of Worker Death

In 2012, there were 767 workers who died because of violence in the workplace. This figure includes 463 homicides and 225 suicides. This is about 17 percent of all work-related deaths in that year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Although the number of on-the-job suicides was down by about 10 percent, the number of homicides declined by a much smaller amount.

Should OSHA Investigation Reports Be Made Public?

Work injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Block O'Toole & Murphy are constantly assisting victims of workplace accidents, particularly injured construction workers. Frequently it requires dealing with The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and securing their investigative reports about an accident. These reports are crucial in prosecuting a construction accident case and protecting an injured worker's rights. The Labor Department is now debating whether to make these records public.

Undocumented Workers Face Special Challenges

The New York City personal injury trial lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy have made their careers out of fighting for working people. Often that involves representing a injured union construction worker. It also involves representing immigrant workers. Representing immigrant workers frequently presents some of the more daunting challenges. The attached article below details some of the perils that an immigrant worker faces on a daily basis. Read on if you want to learn about our vantage point when it comes to helping injured immigrant workers. Still unsure whether this matters to you, then take a look at how this attached piece begins:

New York Traumatic Brain Injury Statistics

The state of New York provides voluminous statistics on a wide range of health topics. One of these relates to traumatic brain injury (TBI) one of the most common consequences of motor vehicle accidents, falls from heights, slip and falls on dangerous premises, and even mistreatment in hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. What do these numbers tell us about this type of injury in the Empire State?

Car Accidents and Neck and Back Injuries

Car accident victims often wonder why their body is feeling a certain way after a collision. Sometimes the collision involves a massive impact; on other occasions the collision appears modest. The New York City personal injury trial lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy are often approached when someone is experiencing neck pain or back pain after a car crash. Their confusion is evident. Below, the experienced serious injury lawyers answer your concerns and try to dispel the confusions.