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Month: September 2016

Daniel O’Toole Honored by ‘City and State.’

Daniel O'Toole, a partner at law firm of Block O'Toole & Murphy and one of New York's leading construction accident and personal injury trial lawyers, was recently honored by City & State New York receiving the 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Award in the...

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IN NYC, Some Construction Worker Deaths Loom in Anonymity

How does a family feel when their mother or father is killed in a construction site accident but New York City agencies fail to recognize the death in their statistics? Unfortunately, several families in the New York area are currently wrestling with this very painful...

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New York City’s Deadly Streets

The streets are a tough place to be. When you venture out for the day, there's a chance you won't make it back home to your family.Is it because of dangerous murderers? How about drug dealers? Is it because of terrorists? The truth is that most deaths on our streets...

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Make Every Day Labor Day

We hope you had a wonderful Labor Day filled with friends, family and food. We also hope you took a moment to think about the real meaning of Labor Day, celebrating the American labor movement and the contributions workers have made to the greatness of our...

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Crashes Involving City Vehicles Are Increasing

Crashes involving city vehicles are up - - and not by just a little.Accidents involving city agency vehicles, not including the Police Department, soared by more than 10%. In 2015 there were 5726 crashes involving non-police city vehicles. Unfortunately, 2016 has been...

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