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September 2016 Archives

Beyond black boxes: emergency technology could increase our ability to monitor driver behavior

In recent posts, we’ve been looking at the topic of event data recorders, particularly their potential usefulness in personal injury litigation, as well as their limitations. As we noted last time, the data recorded on these devices does not necessarily provide definitive proof of liability, though it can help establish liability when the data is accurate.

Event data recorders and their use in personal injury litigation

In our previous post, we mentioned that federal investigators were working at pulling event data recorders from a commuter train that crashed in Hoboken on last Thursday. Two primary data elements investigators are looking for on the train's event data recorders are its speed and braking activity prior to the crash.

Federal investigators pull event data recorders from train that crashed in Hoboken

New York City readers have, by now, probably all heard about the commuter train accident that left one passenger dead and injured over 100 others. The accident occurred yesterday at the Hoboken station, and is now the subject of investigation by federal officials.

3 Reported Dead, More Than 100 Injured In NJ Transit Train Crash At Hoboken Terminal

According to reports, three people were killed and more than 100 were seriously injured when a New Jersey Transit Train crashed into the Hoboken train station this morning. The identities of the victims have not been released, but news reports indicate that the most severe injuries were suffered by passengers in the first car of the train and persons in the station struck by debris.

Daniel O'Toole Honored by 'City and State.'

Daniel O'Toole, a partner at law firm of Block O'Toole & Murphy and one of New York's leading construction accident and personal injury trial lawyers, was recently honored by City & State New York receiving the 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Award in the category of Labor, Law & Lobbying. O'Toole received the award for his tireless efforts on behalf of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association, in particular his constant fight to preserve and strengthen New York's worker safety laws. He serves as the co-chair of the powerful Organization's Labor Law Committee and Task Force .

Proving entitlement to punitive damages in truck accident litigation

We’ve been looking in recent posts at the federal Hours of Service rules and their potential role in personal injury claims. As we noted last time, a truck driver’s failure to comply with the rules, including tampering with their logbook, can result in increased penalties and potentially additional damages for accident victims at trial.

How are commercial vehicle drivers held accountable for fatigued driving? P.2

Previously, we began looking at the topic of the Hours of Service rules, which govern the amount of time commercial vehicle drivers may spend behind the wheel and how frequently they must take rest breaks. Compliance with the Hours of Service rules is obligatory, and penalties may be imposed for violations. Drivers and companies that engage in serious violations can face significant penalties, including fines, for each offense.

IN NYC, Some Construction Worker Deaths Loom in Anonymity

How does a family feel when their mother or father is killed in a construction site accident but New York City agencies fail to recognize the death in their statistics? Unfortunately, several families in the New York area are currently wrestling with this very painful irony, according to an article recently published in Crains magazine. The article charges that construction site deaths that were actually probed by our federal government for worksite safety violations failed to register on the city's tally of construction site deaths last year. Six different construction site deaths to workers out of a total of 17 were not included in the City ledger.

Deadly Midtown Manhattan Construction Site Sparks Construction Accident Prevention Discussion

Yesterday, a 52-year-old worker fell to his death while working at a construction site located at a Midtown Manhattan high rise building. The male subcontractor was working on the 47th story of a building located at W. 52nd St. between 6th and 7th avenues. He crashed down onto an unforgiving 2nd floor deck at the site. The victim, according to reports, was the owner of Crowne Architectural Systems, one of the companies retained to work at the site. An investigation has ensued. There has been no cause cited for the deadly fall but their focus will zero in on whether the worker was given appropriate fall protection equipment.

2016: Open Season on NYC Cyclists

New York City continues to talk tough about making our streets safer when it comes to crashes. But an alarming study reveals that NYC cyclists have never been in greater danger. So far this year there have been 17 cyclists killed in New York City. 17 people! The figure is staggering, and all too sad.