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Month: November 2016

MTA Rejects Ads From Transit Workers On Workplace Dangers

New York, New York - An ad campaign by the Transport Workers Union Local 100 calling for safer work conditions and a pay raise is rejected by MTA for being too "political."The ads, showing bloodied injuries of assault victims, highlight the dangers that transit...

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Yet Another Fatal Crane Accident In New York

Sickeningly, this story is becoming all too familiar. Yet another fatal crane accident took place in New York City on Tuesday, November 22, 2016, highlighting once again the tremendous dangers that construction workers face on a daily basis.At 12:11pm, on a jobsite...

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Unsafe Working Conditions: Prevention Is Key

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." - Benjamin FranklinThis old saying applies to many things in life and unsafe working conditions are no exception. It is crucial for employers to follow all applicable workplace safety guidelines, placing the...

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Daylight Savings Can Be A Life Or Death Issue

A little over a week out from the end of daylight savings time, you've probably heard your friends, family members or coworkers utter the following:  Why do we even have daylight savings time? I don't see any farms around here.  Ugh. It's getting dark so...

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