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August 2015 Archives

Report: NYC Construction Worker Injuries Continue to Soar

New York City's Department of Buildings released a scathing report that illustrated a sharp increase in accidents and deaths at construction sites in New York City over the past 12 months. The report cites statistics that point to a massive 34% increase in construction injuries over the last fiscal year. The report was released as the Investigative Agency is looking into another construction related death that took place this week in Manhattan. Fatalities at construction sites have nearly doubled in the past year and far surpassed totals in any recent year.

Construction Worker Falls to His Death Down Elevator Shaft in Hells Kitchen, New York

On August 25, 2015, at approximately 12:40 p.m., a 30-year-old construction worker fell to his death when wooden boards covering an elevator shaft gave way, causing him to plummet four stories down into the basement of 577 Ninth Avenue, near the corner of 42nd Street in the Hells Kitchen section of Manhattan. The victim was found by police unconscious and unresponsive in several feet of water in the basement and was immediately rushed to Bellevue Hospital where he was pronounced dead. According to reports, the victim was not wearing a safety harness while walking along the wooden boards.

Fatal Error Costs Pilot Joseph Milo His Life

small airplane.jpgAn inexcusable mistake by an air traffic controller led to the death of pilot Joseph Milo earlier this month, according to reports released by the NTSB. The air traffic controller directed the pilot, who was operating a plane that was experiencing some mechanical difficulties, to a landing strip that no longer exists. Instead of being directed to a safe area, the air traffic controller directed Milo to land in an area which is now occupied by an industrial building. The confusion lead to a failed emergency landing on a LIRR track, killing the pilot and injuring the passenger. Senseless.

Car Accidents or Car Crashes? Two NYC Groups Push for Word Change.

car accident.jpgWhen one car hits another, or a bus plows into a pedestrian, or a taxi runs up on the sidewalk, we call such incidents "accidents." This blog often refers to events like these as truck or auto accidents. But in most cases, killing a bicyclist or smashing into a stop sign are not accidents, at least according to two New York City nonprofits, Transportation Alternatives and Families for Safe Streets.

Thinking That Semi-Truck Laws Don't Matter in NYC? Think Again.

semi truck.jpgAn editorial appeared in the New York Times on July 21, 2015, decrying two transportation bills pending in Congress. If passed, the bills will make highways around the United States because each makes the safe operation of large trucks far less certain.

Firm Partners Named to 'Best Lawyers in America' List

download.jpgbest lawyers in america.jpgPartners Jeffrey Block, Daniel O'Toole and Stephen Murphy of the New York City personal injury law firm Block O'Toole & Murphy have once again been named to the 'Best Lawyers in America' list. The Best Lawyers honor was founded in 1981 to identify prominent lawyers in a particular field. Inclusion on the list is an exclusive and coveted distinction, according to well-known attorneys across the country. In fact, The American Lawyer describes it as "The most respected list of attorneys in practice."

Statistics About Traffic Safety in New York City Can be Misleading

trafficjam.jpgIt will probably come as no surprise to New York City residents that New York is the worst city in the United States for driving., according to one study. Part of the calculation is based on gas prices; New York has some of the highest prices at the fuel pump. They are also the most likely to get parking tickets and have their cars towed. Moreover, the streets in New York are full of potholes, which make maintaining a vehicle costly.

Construction Safety Doesn't Just Happen. It Requires Effort.

A construction industry magazine recently listed the best ways for contractors to prevent injuries and fatalities at worksites. They should have an incentive: Accidents mean delays and delays mean lost revenue. Contractors also have a special responsibility for preserving and promoting the safety of a job site to protect the health and safety of workers

Unprecedented Construction Boom in NYC Highlights Need to Protect Workers Who Build Our City

We have long been pointing to the skies of New York City as evidence that construction is occurring at an unprecedented clip. Now, the data to prove it has been released. The numbers recently released by The Department of Buildings show a staggering increase in construction work taking place across the five boroughs. Keep reading to learn about these statistics.

Construction Worker Falls 40 Feet in Terrifying Hudson Yards Accident

A construction worker plummeted as much as 40 feet to the ground from a luxury apartment building complex that was being constructed as part of Manhattan's Hudson Yards project. Details of this harrowing accident are still emerging.

Fatal Construction Accident Leads to Homicide Charges

Two construction managers are now facing homicide charges in the death of a Queens construction worker who was crushed by a collapsing wall in a deadly accident in Manhattan's Meatpacking District. The construction managers, Wilmer Cuevas and Alfonso Prestia, inexplicably refused to shut down a construction site on 9th Avenue earlier this year despite the pointed warnings of an engineer who recently inspected the work. The engineer, according to the indictment warned the man that continuing work at the site was too dangerous. The engineers pleas were completely ignored.