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Month: May 2016

A plea to drivers: leave your cellphones in your pocket

Last week, we wrote a post about texting while driving and how the charge is a difficult one for the police to process. The police aren't allowed to just look at someone's cellphone after an accident to determine if they were texting while driving or using their...

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Worker’s Arm Severed In Elevator Accident

A worker lost part of his arm in an elevator accident this morning at 50 Broadway, in downtown Manhattan. The worker, whose identity has not yet been released, was pulled out of an elevator shaft by first responders and rushed to Bellevue Hospital. Reports indicate...

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NYC Drivers: Their Own Worst Enemy

Issues such as product recalls, defective parts and crash-safety test results get the majority of the press, but the most common cause of car crashes in New York City are drivers themselves. That's right, drivers are their own worst enemies. Unfortunately, drivers do...

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Is Your Boss On The Level?

Can You Trust Your Boss To Tell You The Truth After An Injury?Before you answer, let's back up a bit.There is a harsh truth about working in construction trades. Unless you are working for a family member or close friend, you are a tool to be used. Your value comes...

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Homicide Charges In Detached Boat Death

In September 2014, we commented on a tragic accident where two bicyclists were violently struck by a boat that had just unexpectedly detached from a pickup truck in Staten Island. One of the victims, Alexa Cioffi, was killed and the other, Briana Emanuele, was...

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