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May 2014 Archives

Pedestrian Accident at Construction Site

The New York attorneys frequently discuss the dangers associated with construction work. Rarely, however, are the perils of construction work extended to pedestrians on the streets of New York. Yesterday, at about 8:30 AM, a unwary 43 year-old female was injured by a circular saw during a terrifying melee in the Hells Kitchen section of Manhattan. How did this happen?

New York CityTicket Blitz is Part of 'Vision Zero' Safety Plan

The attorneys at Block O'Toole & Murphy continue to follow the implementation of Mayor DeBlasio's ambitious 'Vision Zero' plan that seeks to reduce car accidents, injuries and deaths. The roll out of the plan continues this week as the New York City Police Department got into the act, handling out a massive number of tickets to speeding drivers.

Pedestrian Accident Caused by Vehicle Mounting the Curb

A man walking on the sidewalk in Fresh Meadows, Queens, was critically injured yesterday morning in a pedestrian accident when a pickup truck jumped the curb and hit him near Peck Avenue. Apparently, the driver of the truck swerved to avoid another vehicle cutting in front on Utopia Parkway.

Injuries From Road Construction Accidents May Result in Strict Penalties

According to a story in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, a bill has been passed in the New York senate that would increase criminal penalties for drivers who kill or injure road construction workers. The bill, titled "The Work Safety Act," was sponsored by state Senator Diane Savino, who represents Coney Island, Bensonhurst and Staten Island. The bill has moved to the assembly.

Distracted Driving Becoming a Focus For the NYPD

Distracted driving looms as one of the largest factors in contributing to New York collisions. The NYC lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy have been talking about it for a long time, pleading for common sense to prevail. Now, the New York City Police Department is focusing on the issue. It will soon be a hit to your wallet if you don't heed the obvious warnings.

Truck Accident Highlights How New Technology Can Make Roads Safer

The New York Truck Accident Lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy are on top of the latest in safety advances on our roads. This week, a frightening truck accident on the Northern State Parkway highlighted the benefits of some innovations that appears to be right around the corner. Read on to find out the accident and how our roads may soon become safer . . .

De Blasio's "Vision Zero" Road Safety Plan Based on Successful Swedish Model

The New York Personal Injury Trial Lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy have been closely following the implementation of "Vision Zero" and how it impacts the alarming number of traffic fatalities in New York City. Many have heard newly elected New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio touting the goals of his grandiose "Vision Zero" plan - - specifically, to eliminate all traffic fatalities in New York City. However, few are aware of where New York's "Vision Zero" came from. To be clear, this innovation was actually borrowed from another country.

Report on New York Workplace Safety

An electricians' trade journal reported on a recently released report from the organization Public Safety titled "Aim Higher: New York Should Reform its Workers' Compensation Laws to Reduce Injuries". Released on May 6, the report focused on the human and economic cost of injuries and fatalities in New York workplaces.

Prevent Train Accidents and Improve Safety, Say NY and CT Reps

A recent Associated Press story revealed that some members of Congress have introduced a bill to improve safety for those working on and riding commuter railroads in the New York City area. Four Connecticut and New York representatives announced what one of them called "common sense modifications" designed to improve safety for workers and passengers. The need for such change was prompted by the recent deaths of one track worker in Connecticut and four passengers in the Bronx when a speeding train derailed.

Cause of Queens Subway Accident Still Unknown

Last week, we posted a blog about the derailment of a Manhattan-bound F train in a Queens subway tunnel. Four people were reported to have serious personal injuries; another 15 had scrapes and bruises. There were around 1,000 passengers on the express train of eight cars, six of which jumped the tracks around 10:30 AM at 65th Street in Woodside.

Workplace Safety Violations at Bakeries

A man died last week at a fortune cookie factory at a Houston company that operates a similar bakery in Nashville, Tennessee and is based in Brooklyn, New York. He reportedly fell into a giant dough mixer and died of multiple blunt trauma injuries. The company, Wonton Food Company, is one of the largest manufacturers of fortune cookies in the United States, reportedly making 4 million cookies every day and shipping them throughout the world.

Victims of Fatal Construction Accidents Honored

A trade magazine, Real Estate Weekly, recently reported on Workers' Memorial Day, which occurred on April 28. An event sponsored by the New York Committee on Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH) and the New York Central Labor Council, the day honored the memory of workers who died in the past twelve months.

Roof Falls: Can These Workplace Accidents Be Prevented?

The lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy have a long history of helping workers injured in construction falls. More specifically, they have been helping victims of roof falls and their families overcome significant obstacles after a serious work accident for decades.

Injured Aqueduct Employee Bets on Lawsuit

An unusual workplace accident has resulted in an unusual lawsuit. A worker at the Aqueduct racino suffered a head injury when a roulette machine fell on her. She has now filed a defective products lawsuit against the manufacturer of the machine, International Game Technology, because she can no longer work.