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New York Judge Blocks ICE From Making Courthouse Arrests

On Wednesday, June 10, 2020, a New York judge ruled that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents cannot detain or arrest undocumented immigrants in or around state courthouses, greatly increasing the likelihood that undocumented individuals will feel...

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Carlos’ Law Would Increase Construction Worker Safety

In April 2015, Carlos Moncayo, a 22-year-old Queens resident, went to work at a construction site on Ninth Avenue, in the Meatpacking District. That day, he never came home. Tragically, he was buried alive when a 14-foot trench that had not been shored up collapsed....

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New York Elevator Safety Bill Could Save Lives if Passed

Governor Andrew Cuomo has a chance to pass a bill that could greatly improve, even save, the lives of many New York City residents. The bill, known as the "Elevator Safety Act", would require mechanics and others who provide maintenance for elevators in the city to be...

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93% of NYC Private Garbage Trucks Declared Unsafe by NYPD

After numerous serious and fatal accidents involving private garbage trucks, the NYPD ran a week-long crackdown on the industry and pulled 132 of 142 inspected commercial sanitation trucks off the road for dangerous infractions such as malfunctioning brakes, low tire...

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