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Month: April 2016

Near Deadly Construction Accident In Lower Manhattan

An investigation by the Buildings Department is already underway. What led up to this accident is telling. Residents said that there were concerns about the stability of this machine days before the near tragic accident. Reports indicate that some locals even told the...

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Would You Pass A “Textalyzer” Test?

Texting and driving is no longer simply frowned upon. As a society, we are recognizing that the dangers of texting behind the wheel are on par with driving while intoxicated, threatening the lives of far too many innocent people every year in New York City and...

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Wrestling With Your Independent Contractor Status

If you are trying to determine your rights as an independent contractor, it may feel like you are involved in a strenuous wrestling match. What? Let Us Explain Professional wrestlers are involved in a demanding profession that combines the rigors of high-impact...

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MTA Is Ordered To Pay Out After Crash

Accountability: "the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility." Without accountability, our society crumbles. People, corporations and government entities alike must take responsibility for their actions and attempt to right their wrongs. When injuries...

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Evidence Of The Frailties Of Jury Selection

People are stunned reading the details of the Peter Liang juror misconduct hearing but trial lawyers deal with the uncertainties of jury selection every day. Courtroom results are often dictated by how successful one side or the other is during jury selection. Jury...

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OSHA Fines “Serial Violator” Nearly $400,000

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has cited Berlin Builders - a New Jersey company - with multiple safety violations at four different project sites throughout the northeast. The citations have resulted in fines of $385,836. Why is this so...

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Don’t Stop At Worker’s Comp

Injured workers often seek the advice of coworkers, friends, family and even managers when they are injured on the job. This leads to discussions about workers' compensation benefits and, in some cases, workers are dissuaded from filing a compensation claim due to...

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Cupcake Crash Injures 5 People

5 people were injured after a marked police car from the 113th precinct and a food delivery truck collided in a violent crash on a residential street in South Ozone Park. The accident made for some newspaper-like fodder with tabloids like the New York Post using the...

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Ambulance Chasers: A Damaging Myth

In New York City and throughout the entire United States we have laws in place to protect people from needless injury and hold negligent parties accountable for causing injuries. Unfortunately, we also have a pervasive belief by many that suing to recover financial...

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