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April 2016 Archives

Despite increased enforcement actions, major safety lapses at construction sites are common

We've previously detailed information about numerous construction-related accidents throughout New York City which illustrate the inherent and daily dangers that individuals who work at construction sites face. As evidence of these grave dangers, during 2015 alone, a total of 17 workers lost their lives at construction sites throughout the city.

Surge in number of NYC after-hours construction permits raises safety concerns

Stand along a New York City street and you're bound to see or hear signs and sounds of a building being renovated or constructed. During the first six months of 2015, new construction projects alone in the city were valued at $22.2 billion. With the city's building boom showing no signs of slowing down, construction employers and contractors are cashing in and enjoying record-setting profits. While demand throughout the city for skilled construction workers continues to increase, construction companies point to a growing problem--a shortage of skilled workers.

Snapchat Sued By Brain Damaged Crash Victim

A Georgia man is suing Snapchat for the app's role in causing a violent crash. The suit* has been filed by Wentworth Maynard, a former driver for Uber, claiming that Snapchat was the "critical cause" of the crash, attributing it to a Snapchat filter that encourages its users to show the speed of their cars. In fact, the app provides incentives to users who post pictures showing excessive speed. The crash tragically left Maynard with permanent brain damage, according to the lawsuit.

Would You Pass A "Textalyzer" Test?

Texting and driving is no longer simply frowned upon. As a society, we are recognizing that the dangers of texting behind the wheel are on par with driving while intoxicated, threatening the lives of far too many innocent people every year in New York City and throughout the nation.

OSHA Fines "Serial Violator" Nearly $400,000

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has cited Berlin Builders - a New Jersey company - with multiple safety violations at four different project sites throughout the northeast. The citations have resulted in fines of $385,836.

Don't Stop At Worker's Comp

Injured workers often seek the advice of coworkers, friends, family and even managers when they are injured on the job. This leads to discussions about workers' compensation benefits and, in some cases, workers are dissuaded from filing a compensation claim due to promises that their employer will take care of everything for them.

Cupcake Crash Injures 5 People

5 people were injured after a marked police car from the 113th precinct and a food delivery truck collided in a violent crash on a residential street in South Ozone Park. The accident made for some newspaper-like fodder with tabloids like the New York Post using the fact that it was a food delivery truck to concoct a sensationalized headline. The Post headline screamed that the crash sent "cupcakes everywhere." But this collision was no joking matter. Car crashes can often impact the victims and their families. They frequently are uncertain about what their rights are and how to move forward with their life. What should they do at the scene? What if there unable to return to work? Who pays for their medical bills? These questions, and others, are usually issues that victims and their loved ones confront after a serious crash. A quick review of this helpful link can help you answer some of these questions.

21 Year-Old Killed In Brooklyn Construction Accident

21 year-old Alex Santizo, a construction worker, fell to his death in a tragic Brooklyn construction accident. The accident occurred in the quiet Brooklyn neighborhood of Borough Park (pictured below).