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February 2012 Archives

Man Faces List of Charges After Brooklyn Hit-and-Run

A Flatlands man is facing a list of charges after a fatal hit-and-run in Brooklyn, according to ABC Eyewitness News.  Allegedly, 41-year-old Paul Griffin, of E. 84th Street in Flatlands, struck 14-year-old Devonte Jeffers on Flatlands Avenue between 54th and 55th Streets. As the young teen lay dying in the street, Griffin tried to get away, according to reports. He was eventually caught by officers just a block from the accident, at the corner of Avenue I and 55th Street. 

$2.25 Million Construction Accident Settlement Recovered

Block O Toole & Murphy is pleased to announce that it has reached a settlement of $2.25 million for an undocumented worker injured in a Manhattan construction accident. The worker was performing cutting and drilling on the 27th floor of a Manhattan high-rise when the floor fell out from under him. The worker fell one story onto the 26th floor and sustained serious lower back and knee injuries as a result.

New York Senate Passes Abbagail’s Law

The New York State Senate has passed “Abbagail’s Law,” making it illegal for adults to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while acting as a driving supervisor. The Senate passed the legislation by a vote of 45-1. The law is named after an 8-year-old girl that was killed in 2009 when her 17-year-old cousin was asked by her father to drive him to the liquor store. During the drive, her father was under the influence and allowed the young driver to drive unsafely on windy roads. The SUV flipped, killing Abbagail Buzard. As no law against supervising driving while under the influence previously existed, the father Corey Buzard was not charged with a crime.