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February 2017 Archives

Construction worker dies in freak accident with runaway forklift

New York City records a large toll of construction accidents each year. That toll is increasing with the advent of a new real estate boom in new construction. One recent accident illustrates the plight of one construction worker in a freakish accident that occurred apparently on property owned or occupied by the New York Fire Department.

11 Year Old Girl Injured In Brooklyn After Being Struck By School Bus

Our thoughts are prayers are with the 11 year old girl who was struck by a yellow school bus as she was crossing the street at St. John's Place and Nostrand Avenue in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn on Wednesday afternoon (February 15, 2017). Reportedly, medics removed her to Kings County Hospital, where she was seen for head trauma and a fractured pelvis. We wish her a speedy and full recovery.

Pedestrian accidents often involve commercial busses or trucks

Pedestrians often face hazardous circumstances in New York City due to the significant number of accidents that occur daily involving motor vehicles. Many pedestrians are injured in pedestrian accidents involving buses, trucks, vans and other commercial vehicles. A certain number of these types of accidents involve pedestrians and workers who are on sidewalks that are invaded by runaway vehicles.

Construction Worker Killed in Queens Forklift Accident

Rakesh Ram, a 28-year-old construction worker, was killed in a random forklift accident in Queens. The fatal work accident took place in the Long Island City section of Queens on Review Avenue near 35th Street, a busy commercial block. 

Construction accidents and deaths more likely on non-union sites

In New York City, there is currently a construction boom that is having a beneficial economic impact on businesses and on the thousands of individuals who are working in construction jobs. With that upswing in financial well-being, however, there is the problem of a steep increase of construction accidents and deaths within the past two years. Last week, thousands of construction workers got together to mourn the deaths of the 30 individuals who died during that period.

Blocked Bike Lanes Are Placing NYC Cyclists At Risk

Fotolia_69192004_Subscription_Monthly_M.jpgRecent data shows that illegal parking in bike lanes throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn is on the rise and creating more dangers for cyclists as well as increasing the rate of a possible bicycle accident. According to am New York, nearly 1000 complaints of cars parked in bike lanes have been logged in a three month period between October 2016 and January 2017. The numbers suggest that, though some action was taken to protect the lanes from parked cars, little is being done to enforce those protections.

City Politicians Have an Opportunity to Make a 'Safer Skyline' With Proposed Construction Safety Laws

Members of the City Council are weighing a series of proposed laws that are focused on improving worker safety in the construction industry. The new laws are gaining momentum as the plight of the construction worker is being played out in local media outlets. The media, though slow to report on this ongoing problem, has recently revealed that more than 30 workers have died in construction accidents over the past 2 years. This has sparked some - but not enough - public outrage and has galvanized local leaders to try and make a change.