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June 2015 Archives

New Laws Passed to Reduce NYC Traffic Fatalities

The New York City Council approved 11 bills at the end of May designed to reduce accidents and improve safety, according to the Daily News. They are part of Mayor Bill de Blasio's Vision Zero plan, an ambitious proposal to eliminate traffic deaths in New York City.

Recent NYC Crane Accident Illustrates Problems With Oversight

A crane accident last month has prompted some to ask questions about crane safety in New York City. No one was killed, but the outcome could easily have been very different. Moreover, the incident that sent a huge air conditioner plunging toward the ground was the second incident involving a crane in the past few weeks. What's going on?

Staten Island's Speeding and Traffic Problems

The New York City borough of Staten Island is known for its speeding drivers. Residents rate speeding as the top traffic concern. Stories of terrible crashes, like the recent fatal car accident in Bulls Head, are more common than they should be, given the relatively low population of the island.

Scaffold Accident Kills Construction Worker in Washington D.C.

The lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy are following a story that is emerging in our nation's capital. A construction worker was killed yesterday in an accident on the roof of the National Museum of African American History and Culture. It appears that the worker, who was employed by the general contractor Clark/Smoot/Russell Construction, was working on metal panels on the roof of the museum when he was caught underneath a scaffold that collapsed on top of him.

Safety Violators at Construction Sites to Face Arrest?

Unscrupulous developers and contractors who repeatedly violate safety rules at construction sites are now facing arrest in New York City, claims Department of Investigation Commissioner Mark Peters. The bold proclamation was made by Commissioner Peters during a speech at New York Law School earlier this week. His position comes on the heels of some highly publicized and dangerous construction accidents. It also follows a Department of Buildings bribery scandal.

Falling Air Conditioner Highlights Dangerous Period in the Construction Industry

An air conditioner that weighed more than 20,000 pounds broke free from a Crane and fell 30 stories to the unforgiving pavement on Madison Avenue in Manhattan last weekend. It could have been a tragedy of epic proportions. Thankfully, it wasn't. While several people were hurt, nobody was killed or appears to have been seriously injured. Still, this frightening episode illuminates what has been an unusually dangerous year in the construction industry surrounding New York City.

Midtown Manhattan Crane Drops Heavy Air Conditioning Unit; Injuring Seven

The Crane Accident Lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy, LLP are following yet another scary New York City crane incident, which happened Sunday morning at 261 Madison Avenue, between East 38th and 39th Streets in Midtown Manhattan. Reportedly, a construction crane was lifting an industrial-sized air conditioning unit to the top of the 30 story building, when its cable snapped, causing the unit to plummet 28 stories, striking the façade of the building before crashing down to the street below. It left the street covered in glass, metal and dust and led to several road closures today.