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Client Testimonials

Block O’Toole & Murphy is a premier New York personal injury law firm. We are dedicated to fighting for the rights of accident and injury victims in New York and to achieving justice on their behalf. Our lawyers have recorded numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients, including the largest non-medical malpractice verdict in Long Island history, $32,756,156. Below are some of the testimonials we have received from clients, family members of clients, and attorneys associated with our law firm.

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Hear what people are saying.

Video v3 ironworkerIronworker Speaks about His Experience with Block O’Toole & Murphy
“They gave me my confidence back.”

Video v2 TestimonialMotor Vehicle Accident Victim Talks About Block O’Toole & Murphy
Recommends the Firm and Remarks About Their Compassion.

VideoLB Best ThingThe Best Thing That Happened to My Family
The son of a catastrophic injured client discusses the remarkable impact of Block O’Toole & Murphy on his family.

VideoLB 100 Percent100% Recommendation
A former elevator accident client explains how he was treated like family by the attorneys of Block O’Toole & Murphy.

Client Who Sustained Ladder Fall Injury Shares Experience with Block O’Toole & MurphyThe response time was just perfect.
Client Who Sustained Ladder Fall Injury Shares Experience Working with Block O’Toole & Murphy.

VideoLB ExceededThey Exceeded Every Expectation
A construction accident victim says he would definitely recommend Block O’Toole & Murphy to other injured workers in similar situations.

VideoLB TrustedTrusted by Other Attorneys
The dedication and reputation of the Block O’Toole & Murphy is discussed by attorneys who refer cases to the firm.

VideoLB CareAttorneys Who Care About Their Clients
A former construction accident victim describes the encouragement and support he received during a devastating time.

Video Peatones HeridosPeatones Heridos Recomienda Bufete de Abogados

Sukram Testimonial video They Are Like a Family to Me
“I would recommend them to anybody. They do a great job.”

Read what people are saying.

Testimonial Thank you
“[T]hank you for your kindness and compassion to me and my family during this difficult time. We will forever be grateful… I would highly recommend your law firm to anyone I may come in contact with.”

“Hi Jeff! Just saying hi and hope you are well. Mom turned 80 on 3/11! She’s doing great, she’s a tough little cookie. Dad turns 90 in July. We will never forget your kindness when we needed help the most. Hope you, your family and everyone at BOM are well.”
Jennie L.

“From the very outset Block O’Toole and Murphy supported and guided me. They were very efficient. Their immediate actions secured all necessary evidence to support my claim. They also made sure that everything was clearly explained to me in my mother tongue. This friendly approach with understanding to my needs made me feel safe. The level of their commitment was exceptional. My Polish advisor at Block O’Toole and Murphy visited me at a hospital, made sure I had an appropriate medical assistance after I had been released from the hospital, secured a rehabilitation plan for me and arranged for a workers’ compensation board to support my income until the final resolution of the case.”
Jarek K.

“Mr. Block, it has been five years since the Block O’Toole & Murphy Team has taken on my Dad’s case, and I know you have worked diligently on a solution for him. I just wanted to say thank you to your entire staff for sticking it out and being so professional and kind to him. I love my Dad more than you can imagine, and your team treated him like family. So I thought I would send a follow up e mail, just to say Thank You!!!!”
Justin C.

“We know that we are definitely in the right hands… You guys have believed in us and helped us get through… You guys are there to reach out and help in every way… [I] will always recommend you to anyone who needs help… You treat your clients like family and once again I thank you for your believing in my words as truth… We are happy to be on board with the best lawyers around. Kudos to the office staff also.”
Ray D.

“Mr. Jeffrey, thank you very much for the hard work you and Joe did. I am very happy that you were my lawyer, and I was very lucky. Thank you.”
Zee B.

“Gentlemen–I wanted to let you both know that I received the settlement checks today. I don’t know if words can accurately express my gratitude to both of you. Your honesty, compassion and patience in the way you treated me and my family were much appreciated. I wanted to thank you both for showing so much patience with me.”
Neil G.

“I just wanted to tell you, Jeff, [that] I appreciate everything you’ve done. You guys are top of the line professionals, and I appreciate it.”
Jim G.

“Block O’Toole & Murphy… capable, dependable, and most of all, a trusted law firm!”
Cynthia Q.

“Block O’Toole & Murphy showed me compassion. They really cared about me and my case.”
B. Lopez

“I was treated like the only client from day one. I really can’t express enough the appreciation that I have for this firm.”
Leotta A.

“I highly recommend them to anybody.”
Edward J.

” They helped me settle my case, and I now have a future for my daughter, especially for her college fund.”
Darryl T.

“These guys changed my life.”
Jason C.

“They changed the way I think of lawyers, the best.”
Jesus T.

“I’m so glad that I came here.”
Samantha F.

“The case was settled in a very timely manner.”
Anthony M.

“Block O’Toole & Murphy did a great job.”
Maxwell K.

“They were very courteous and helped me out the whole way.”
Robert G.

“I would recommend them to my family and friends.”
Jeffrey C.

“I had a really good experience with them.”
Joseph R.

“As a construction worker, all I know is hard work. These lawyers work like ditch diggers. I called them my heroes during the trial. Remarkable.”
Leoncio A.

“I consider Block O’Toole & Murphy to be a part of my family.
I’d recommend them to anyone.”

Lisa S.

“These lawyers changed my life forever.”
Jose C.

“They stood by me. I am forever grateful.”
Brian T.

“I’m a New York City firefighter. I know what its like to fight for people
that need help. Block O’Toole & Murphy does it as well as anyone.”

Kevin B.

“These lawyers genuinely cared about me and my family.”
Glenn D.

“Block O’Toole & Murphy got me an astounding result and really
took care of me. They are the best.”

Edward J.

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