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February 2014 Archives

New Group Hopes to Stop Pedestrian Accidents

As reported in DNAInfo, families and friends of people killed in pedestrian accidents rallied at City Hall last Sunday to announce a new advocacy group. Called Families for Safe Streets, the organization will push for rapid implementation of Mayor Bill de Blasio's Vision Zero proposal designed to stop the increase in pedestrian fatalities in the City of New York.

Worker Injured After Fall From Scaffold in Manhattan

On February 21, 2014, a worker was injured when he fell off of a scaffold at a construction site in Manhattan. The unidentified worker was injured because he was not afforded the proper safety equipment and was not trained at all. We hope the injured victim makes a strong recovery and our thoughts are with his loved ones during his this trying period.

New Jersey Construction Worker Falls From Pulaski Skyway

A worker who fell about 25 feet from the Pulaski Skyway in Jersey City miraculously landed on his feet and broke no bones, according to officials. Witnesses said the construction accident occurred when the man fell feet first to a ramp closed because of the ongoing construction project.

Carbon Monoxide Leak at Long Island Restaurant Kills Manager

The New York personal injury lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy, LLP are following the tragic and disturbing story of a carbon monoxide leak on Saturday at a Legal Sea Foods restaurant located in the Walt Whitman Mall in Huntington Station, a popular Long Island eatery. The manager of the restaurant, 55 year old Steve Nelson, was found passed out in a basement restroom of the restaurant and ultimately died at Huntington Hospital of carbon monoxide poisoning. Our deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers go out to those who mourn Mr. Nelson's untimely death, including the 2 children he has reportedly left behind. Co-workers and bosses of Mr. Nelson have raved about him as a beloved man who was like a member of their family.

Gedalia Gruntzweig, 25-Year-Old Student, Killed By New York City Sanitation Truck

New York City trial lawyers Block O'Toole & Murphy, LLP are following the tragic death of Gedalia Gruntzweig, a 25 year old rabbinical student who was run over and killed by a New York City garbage truck on Sunday morning just after 9 a.m. at the intersection of Kingston Avenue and Carroll Street in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. A witness to this pedestrian accident reportedly said that the truck driver was turning right onto Carroll Street when it struck the student, who was visiting New York to attend a pre-wedding party for his friend. Mr. Gruntzweig was originally from Ukraine, and was studying to become a rabbi at Tiferes Bachurim, a Yeshiva in Morristown, New Jersey. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who are mourning this young man's sad and untimely death.

Two Fatal NYC Traffic Accidents on Same Day

Last week, two traffic fatalities occurred on the same day. The incident that has received the most publicity involved a drunk driver and an MTA bus. The driver of the bus, William Pena, died when he was ejected from the bus after the driver slammed into the bus with a stolen truck. There has been significant publicity about this accident, partly because the driver of the stolen truck was related to a famous NYC model.

OSHA To Review Workplace Violence in Healthcare

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) will review OSHA's voluntary workplace violence prevention guidelines. This is a development of particular interest to healthcare workers, as half of all non-fatal workplace violence injuries occur in healthcare and social services settings, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

NYC Bus Accident Caused By Drunk Driver

This website recently reported on a truck-bus accident that killed the MTA driver. Further investigation has revealed that the box truck was stolen by the nephew of famous fashion model Tyson Beckford. Moreover, the nephew, Dominic Whilby, had been drinking at a Fashion Week party in the hours before the accident.

Pregnant Woman Struck & Killed By Snow Plow in Bay Ridge

The serious accident attorneys at Block O'Toole & Murphy have been fielding questions about how the severe winter weather has impacted the safety of New Yorkers. Well, a tragic story is unfolding that shows how significant an impact the weather can really have.

The NYC Personal Injury Attorneys at Block O'Toole & Murphy Publish New Issue of Trial by Jury

The personal injury attorneys at the New York City law firm of Block O'Toole & Murphy, LLP, are pleased to announce the publication of a new issue of the firm's newsletter, Trial by Jury. The newsletter provides information about the firm's results, new attorneys, testimonials from clients, and the charitable work undertaken by the firm's partners, attorneys and staff.

The Construction Accident Lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy Publish New Issue of Newsletter

The construction accident attorneys at the New York City law firm of Block O'Toole & Murphy, LLP, are pleased to announce the publication of a new issue of the firm's newsletter. The newsletter provides information about the firm's results, new attorneys, awards won and the charitable work undertaken by the firm's partners, attorneys and staff.

New York Construction Accident Lawyers Comment on OSHA Report That Fall Protection is Most Frequently Cited Violation at Work Sites

The New York construction accident lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy often discuss fall protection and how important it is that everyone at a construction site embrace it. Why is it critical? Fall protection, when used appropriately, saves lives. How often is it necessary? Falls from heights remain the leading cause of deaths and serious injuries at constructions sites. In a recent release by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a list of the most frequently cited violations was released and Fall Protection was at the top of the list. How can this be, given the stakes?

NYC Lawyers Discuss 'New York City's Deadliest Streets' Article

Attorneys like the trial lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy handle cases where pedestrians are struck by cars or trucks on a regular basis. For instance, we have recovered a $32,756,156 verdict, a $12,000,000 settlement and a $8,800,000 settlement on behalf of serious pedestrian accident victims. Frequently they notice that many of these often deadly collisions seem to occur in the same areas over and over. Whether it is Broadway in Manhattan, Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, Woodhaven and Queens Boulevards in Queens or Fordham Road in the Bronx, there is a pattern to where these accidents seem to occur and that pattern persists.

UWS Remembers Recent Pedestrian Accident Victims

Upper West Side residents gathered to remember lives lost, to mourn and to demand action to make their streets safer for pedestrians. The vigil was held on the Upper West Side days after the tragedies of January 10, when two lives were lost, just half an hour apart in separate, tragic pedestrian accidents.

New York's Scaffold Law Protects Minority Workers

The lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy frequently discuss the laws that protect New York's construction workers. As lawyers we appreciate the legal and practical significance to any watering down of New York's Scaffold Law, Labor Law Section 240 . New York is the construction capital of the world. Every day our workers are at risk in a way that is different than any other place in the world. The worker safety laws in New York require building owners, contractors and developers to provide essential safety equipment to protect workers that are laboring at heights. If they comply with the statute and provide a safe work environment, they have no concerns. If they fail to provide a safe place to work, and someone is hurt or killed they can be held responsible under the law. Sounds simple; sounds just. If your construction site is unsafe, you are responsible for workers who suffer devastating injuries or die because you failed to comply with the law. The premise is: the law places responsibility on those that have the ability to control the work at the site and make sure it is safe.

Stanslay Chernysov, 73, Killed By Backhoe Moving Snow In Brooklyn

Stanslav Chernyshov, 73, was killed when a backhoe vehicle reversed into him as it was clearing snow in Brooklyn on Monday. Mr. Chernyshov was reportedly pinned under the snow plow and sustained severe head trauma. He was rushed to Coney Island Hospital, where he was pronounced dead from his injuries.

Queens Has Most Fatal Pedestrian Accidents in 2013

In a year of high pedestrian deaths, the Borough of Queens has the highest number of fatalities in 2013. There were 46 pedestrian deaths in Queens from January through November 2013 and that doesn't even include accidents in December. Citywide, the number of fatal pedestrian accidents was the highest since 2008.

Getting Reports of Motor Vehicle Accidents and Other Records from NYPD

People who were injured in motor vehicle accidents such as motorcycle, bus or car accidents , you may need the accident reports for insurance purposes or if you are thinking about filing a personal injury lawsuit. Here are a few tips that could make obtaining these records easier:

Bridge Construction Ready to Begin: Monster Crane Arrives

The New York City lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy continue to bring our readers developments that are taking place in the construction world. One recent story that grabbed our attention was the arrival of a massive crane to help in the construction of the Tappen Zee Bridge.