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Month: February 2014

New Group Hopes to Stop Pedestrian Accidents

As reported in DNAInfo, families and friends of people killed in pedestrian accidents rallied at City Hall last Sunday to announce a new advocacy group. Called Families for Safe Streets, the organization will push for rapid implementation of Mayor Bill de Blasio's...

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Worker Injured After Fall From Scaffold in Manhattan

On February 21, 2014, a worker was injured when he fell off of a scaffold at a construction site in Manhattan. The unidentified worker was injured because he was not afforded the proper safety equipment and was not trained at all. We hope the injured victim makes a...

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New Jersey Construction Worker Falls From Pulaski Skyway

A worker who fell about 25 feet from the Pulaski Skyway in Jersey City miraculously landed on his feet and broke no bones, according to officials. Witnesses said the construction accident occurred when the man fell feet first to a ramp closed because of the ongoing...

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OSHA To Review Workplace Violence in Healthcare

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) will review OSHA's voluntary workplace violence prevention guidelines. This is a development of particular interest to healthcare workers, as half of all non-fatal workplace violence injuries occur in healthcare and social...

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Two Fatal NYC Traffic Accidents on Same Day

Last week, two traffic fatalities occurred on the same day. The incident that has received the most publicity involved a drunk driver and an MTA bus. The driver of the bus, William Pena, died when he was ejected from the bus after the driver slammed into the bus with...

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NYC Bus Accident Caused By Drunk Driver

This website recently reported on a truck-bus accident that killed the MTA driver. Further investigation has revealed that the box truck was stolen by the nephew of famous fashion model Tyson Beckford. Moreover, the nephew, Dominic Whilby, had been drinking at a...

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