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Info. About NYC Car Crashes Hard to Get

The New York Police Department appears to be reluctant to provide information about car accidents to the public, even after the City Council passed a law requiring NYC law enforcement to make accident data available. In contrast, the department has enthusiastically...

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Tips To Avoid Car Accidents in New York City

Surprisingly, New York City drivers are not the worst in the United States. That honor belongs to Washington, D.C., as judged by reported insurance claims from car accidents. Other cities that are among the most accident-prone include Philadelphia, Alexandria, V.A.,...

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Bloomberg’s Effort to Prevent Crane Accidents

Outgoing NYC Mayor Bloomberg and the city's buildings commissioner recently introduced new legislation that would limit the age of cranes operating in New York City. Specifically, the bill would stop mobile and tower cranes more than 25 years old from operating within...

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Prevent Trucking Accidents: Know the Rules

The recent truck accident in Queens that tragically killed eight-year-old Noshat Nahian highlights the fact that operating a semi in New York City requires skill and is subject to city-specific rules.For example, there are weight limits, parkway restrictions, low...

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Motor Vehicle Accidents Caused by Ice and Snow in NYC

Winter has come to New York, and the lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy urge all NYC motorists to drive carefully, especially during bad weather. A massive pileup last Sunday on the Bronx River Parkway illustrates how ice and snow can quickly lead to serious motor...

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Stop a Workplace Accident: Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Train accidents like the recent Metro North disaster in the Bronx are most frequently caused by operator error. Sleepiness is often a co-culprit. Research increasingly shows that fatigue - even if one doesn't feel tired - can be a precipitating factor a workplace...

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Could Cameras Prevent Train Accidents?

U.S. senators have called for cameras to monitor engineers on trains throughout the country in the wake of the deadly train accident in the Bronx last week. Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and New York senator Charles Schumer held a press conference at Grand...

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Brain Injury and Going Back to Work

Brain injuries do not just happen to football players and members of the military serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Traumatic brain injury is much more widespread than was thought even a few years ago. It also affects victims far longer and more insidiously than was...

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