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Month: March 2017

If You See Something, Say Something

The staggering speed at which New York City's skyline has been transforming in recent years has not come without a human cost. As we've written about before, our city's construction boom has resulted in a record number of construction accidents, injuries and...

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The Fatal Four

As college basketball begins its journey to the Final Four, a foursome of the ominous variety casts a pall over New York City's construction workers: the fatal four. The fatal four refers to the four top causes of construction worker fatalities as reported by the...

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What In The Name of Vision Zero Is Going On?

As we've written about in recent months, NYC mayor Bill de Blasio wants additional funding for the Vision Zero program. He says the $317 million he has requested will be used to fund traffic-related changes aimed at reducing fatal collision throughout the...

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Pedestrian accidents rack up an ominous toll in one day

Accidents tend to come in rashes, which is how it happened in New York City on Tuesday, March 7. Pedestrian accidents topped the police blotters that day with three pedestrians killed and one hospitalized in critical condition. The first event occurred in Brooklyn at...

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