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Month: December 2012

Older doctors could be a risk to patients

In previous posts, we have discussed medical malpractice caused by young and inexperienced doctors and surgeons. Recent evidence suggests that older doctors with ailing health can also pose serious risk to patients. With the baby boomers coming into retirement age,...

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Crowded ER’s may pose serious health risks

Patients who enter the emergency room for immediate care or treatment may be at risk when emergency departments are crowded or understaffed. According to a recent study, the busiest days in emergency departments are also linked to a higher in-patient mortality risk...

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Top 10 OSHA Violations This Year

OSHA has the authority to regulate certain industries to protect the health and safety of workers. In addition to regulating policies, equipment, procedures, and safety gear, the agency also has the authority to investigate in the event of a construction accident and...

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Study finds young surgeons easily distracted

  According to a recent study, young surgeons are more vulnerable to distractions and disruptions in the operating room, including noise and conversation. This can cause inexperienced surgeons to make serious and grave surgical mistakes in New York hospitals and...

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Hospital bed alarms found to be ineffective

Certain medical devices and equipment are necessary to keep patients safe while they are undergoing care at a medical facility. Now new technologies are replacing staff and close patient monitoring to prevent falls.A fall from a bed at a hospital can result in serious...

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