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December 2012 Archives

Block O'Toole & Murphy, L.L.P. Again Garners Top Billing For Best Results in 2012

Block O'Toole & Murphy, an experienced team of New York personal injury lawyers, is pleased to announce that the firm was once again prominently recognized in 'The New York Law Journal' for their reported results in 2012. The end of the year results are gratifying because the dedicated lawyers that make up the firm can look back and reflect on a year where they were able to help so many different people at a time when they needed it the most. Indeed, the firm exceeded $100,000,000 in total verdicts and settlements in 2012.

Medication error heavily contributes to hospital malpractice claims

Instances of medical malpractice are rampant in the whole nation, and New York City is no exception. People visit hospitals and medical centers to get rid of illness and physical pain, but hospital malpractice sometimes occurs. Medication errors are a serious issue and victims need to be aware of their rights to compensation in these situations.

Older doctors could be a risk to patients

In previous posts, we have discussed medical malpractice caused by young and inexperienced doctors and surgeons. Recent evidence suggests that older doctors with ailing health can also pose serious risk to patients. With the baby boomers coming into retirement age, the issue of aging doctors is prominent in New York City and nationwide.

Black box evidence could help solve accident cases-but do they pose privacy issues?

In the event of a car crash, investigators, victims and their families want to know, what caused the accident and whether an individual or entity was at fault. Fender benders and serious fatal accidents can be difficult to reconstruct in New York City and nationwide. The task can be even more challenging if witness-victims are seriously injured or diseased.

Scaffolding accidents can mean serious head injuries for victims

Standing at the base of any of New York City's skyscrapers can be absolutely awe inspiring. It is amazing to look up and think of all the people inside the building, but even more amazing is to think of the individuals that constructed such buildings. A vast amount of New York City's construction happens at elevated heights that require scaffolding and other measures to complete the work.

Public health officials respond to rise in child birth complications

A spike in complications for mothers and newborns has spurred hospitals and public health officials to action. Authorities are working to improve safety conditions for mothers in delivery rooms after a spike in severe birth complications. In addition to public and official awareness, doctors and surgical teams are being trained to quickly deal with a health crisis during child birth.

Crowded ER's may pose serious health risks

Patients who enter the emergency room for immediate care or treatment may be at risk when emergency departments are crowded or understaffed. According to a recent study, the busiest days in emergency departments are also linked to a higher in-patient mortality risk and higher costs. For patients in New York City and nationwide, this could mean reduced levels of care, medical negligence, doctor error and refused treatment.

Top 10 OSHA Violations This Year

OSHA has the authority to regulate certain industries to protect the health and safety of workers. In addition to regulating policies, equipment, procedures, and safety gear, the agency also has the authority to investigate in the event of a construction accident and fine any company or organization that is in violation of OSHA regulations.