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January 2017 Archives

Alarming Statistics in 2016 NY Construction Fatalities Report

Deaths from work-related incidents in the construction industry are on the rise, according to a recently-released report by the New York Committee for Occupational Safety & Health (NYCOSH). The annual report, titled Deadly Skyline, reveals disturbing trends in construction workplace practices both in New York City and the wider New York State. The study clearly shows that working in construction has become more dangerous in recent years.

Pedestrian accidents can often carry deadly consequences

Motorists who are in an excessive hurry in New York City sometimes end up in a lot of self-made trouble. This may include the causing of pedestrian accidents by negligent or reckless driving. That happened on Jan. 22 on a Brooklyn street at about 6 p.m. when a driver of a Porsche got frantic when he had to wait on the street for a vehicle ahead to crawl out of its parking spot, per a witness.

Construction accidents and deaths occur more at smaller projects

An ironic characteristic of safety patterns has been recognized by experts who observe the construction industry in New York City. Because most of the safety precautions and regulations are directed at new buildings being constructed with 10 stories or more, it is the "minor" buildings of less than 10 stories that get little safety training or oversight. As a result, for example, between 2010 and 2015, there were 40 deaths due to construction accidents; 75 percent of those deaths occurred at the shorter buildings under 10 stories.

More Funding for Vision Zero: Is it Money Well Spent?

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to again pad funding for Vision Zero by adding another $317 million to the project over the next five years. The money will continue to fund traffic related changes aimed at reducing fatal collisions in New York City. The dough would allow the city to improve bike lanes, create more expansive curb cuts and conduct a recycling of traffic lights on hundreds of city streets, improvements that the city desperately needs, according to a Transportation advocacy group. The idea is that the implementation of these changes will lead to safer streets and less fatalities. The city has trotted out statistics that show a reduction in traffic fatalities every year since Vision Zero has been implemented.

Public transportation accidents no stranger to New York City

Residents of New York City are acclimated to using trains and subways to get around. It is convenient and eliminates the headache of getting involved in a car accident or incurring an obscene number of parking tickets. It doesn't always work so well, however, especially when that secure routine is marred by the existence of public transportation accidents.

Inspections Decline Despite Sharp Increase in Construction Fatalities

Construction work can be seen everywhere you look around New York City. Building is at an all-time high. Sadly, injuries and deaths to construction workers have also soared during this period of growth. And a new study reveals some damning statistics about how our city has been approaching worker safety. To sum it up: apathy and 's indifference to human life.

Increase in NYC Construction Fatalities Prompts Proposal of New Laws

The rash increase in serious construction accidents and the publicity associated with these accidents has triggered a reaction from New York City's City Council. It is expected that City Council members will introduce a comprehensive package of proposed laws next week to make construction sites safer. The proposal includes an anticipated 18 different new laws that will significantly impact the construction industry. The response to the proposed legislation has been revealing.

Pedestrian accidents often hinge on identification issues

Where a hit-and-run accident in New York City involves death or serious injury, the driver who leaves the scene is usually apprehended by the authorities. This may be due to the perpetrator's change of heart and voluntary surrender or it may be the result of official hit-and-run investigations, including those pertaining to pedestrian accidents. In fact, many hit-and-run incidents involve the striking of a pedestrian.

Hurt in LIRR train derailment in Brooklyn? Here's what you need to know.

As New Yorkers, we rely heavily on public transportation to commute to and from jobs, for family outings, to run personal errands, and much more. The scenes from a Brooklyn train station this morning were horrific - smashed glass, fire, debris, victims on stretchers, people bleeding, etc.

Truck accidents involving rear-end collisions can be deadly

The combination of two tractors-trailers, a car and a pickup truck can spell deadly results if they are part of a chain-reaction crash. Truck accidents with cars and smaller vehicles occur on busy New York roadways with some frequency. One of the latest incidents occurred Dec. 27 on the Cross Bronx Expressway in New York City in an early morning tragedy that took three lives and injured five others.