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October 2014 Archives

Workplace Accident: Electrical Explosion Burns MTA Track Worker

The attorneys at Block O'Toole & Murphy are committed to bringing you important news taking place in New York City and surrounding areas. Today an MTA track worker was severely burned in an electrical explosion while working underground in the subway system. The worker was part of a crew doing maintenance work on the Lexington Avenue line, on Manhattan's east side. The worker suffered severe burns after inadvertently coming into contact the track's 3rd rail. Three other workers were also injured.

Pedestrian Accidents More Likely on Long Island

This blog has reported frequently on pedestrian accidents in New York City and the efforts of Mayor de Blasio to combat the seeming epidemic of this type of accident. But what about Long Island? A report last year identified the roads in Suffolk and Nassau counties that are most dangerous and linked to a high rate of pedestrian deaths.

Workers' Compensation No Longer Doing Its Job, Says NYCOSH

A report issued last year by the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH) points to problems in the state's workers compensation system. Based on case studies of seven workers, the report shows that workers injured in workplace accidents or made ill by dangerous conditions continue to experience " frustration, aggravation, delay and humiliation" and to receive "inadequate medical care and compensation."

Alex Schell, Construction Worker, Injured in Truck Accident on Verrazano Bridge

The New York City attorneys at Block O'Toole & Murphy continue to update you on the latest news involving construction in New York. Unfortunately, many of the current events that we hear about relate to serious construction accidents. Today is no different.

No Major Crane Accidents So Far This Year in NYC

Given the amount of high-rise construction going on in New York City, it’s a wonder there are not more crane accidents.  Fortunately, there has not been a major incident in the city since 2013. However, crane accidents continue to be a significant source of injuries and fatalities at construction sites across the United States and beyond. 

Child Killed Outside of School

A girl was killed and nine others injured when a car jumped the curb in front of a Bronx elementary school in Kingsbridge. The vehicle, a Honda Accord, was driven by a 55-year-old woman when it went into reverse in front of PS 307 at 124 Eames Place and drove onto the sidewalk, where children and adults were gathered around the school entrance.

Construction Safety and Construction Development Can Coincide

The New York lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy have frequently discussed worker safety laws in this space. Often, the opponents of New York's worker safety laws try to portray a parallel they claim exists between strong worker safety protections and a lack of construction development. New York City has shown this argument to be patently false.

Pedestrian Killed by Semi Truck in Glendale

The New York lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy are all too aware of the perils associated with tractor-trailer accidents. Too often they result in death. Today, media outlets are reporting that a pedestrian was struck and killed by a tractor trailer in the Glendale section of Queens. The male pedestrian was 46.

Fatal Work Accidents In New York City and State

There are some fatal work accidents that never happen in New York City but occur elsewhere in the state.   In September of 2014, for example, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reported that a farm worker was killed by a hay bailer while trying to clear a jam in the machine.  This type of accident is not likely to happen in the city. 

NY Truck Accidents

New York State keeps track of truck accidents in detail, and provides annual statistics annually on its New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website.  The most recent New York stats on truck accidents cover 2013.  They provide in-depth information about truck accidents that occurred throughout the state during that year. 

New York's Effort to Eliminate Traffic Deaths

New York Magazine recently published the stories of some of the victims of bicycle and pedestrian accidents in New York.  So far this year, around 200 people have died on the streets of New York City.  Traffic-related fatalities are the number-one cause of death for children under 14 in the city.  It is the second most frequent cause of death for seniors. About every 48 hours, a cyclist or pedestrian dies.  Traffic accidents kill more New Yorkers than guns. Around 70,000 are injured traffic accidents every year.  Someone is injured or killed by a traffic accident every two hours. Pedestrians are 56 percent of all NYC traffic fatalities. These are all sobering statistics. 

Construction Workers Buried After Ceiling Collapses

The New York lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy maintain a close relationship with the construction industry. The shared bond has been formed over many years and is a result of different factors, such as our willingness to fight for construction workers and their families. The firm has achieved great results on behalf of workers who have been injured in accidents. We also make it a point to follow developing stories in the construction industry, often highlighting the dangers of this work so that efforts at weakening worker safety laws are exposed. Worker safety remains a critical issue in New York State and beyond. Attacks on worker safety laws are still a threat to hardworking men and women and their families. That brings us to a frightening work-related accident that recently occurred in the Mineola section of Long Island today. The details are below.

Metro-North Train Accidents Partly Caused by Overworked Employees

It is becoming clear that the accidents that have occurred in the last two years on the Metro-North Railroad were not isolated incidents caused by the negligence or misconduct of individual employees. Rather, there has been a systematic disregard for safety that is reflected in how workers are scheduled on the commuter rail line.

New York City Taxi Accidents Result in More Serious Injuries

A pedestrian was injured after being hit by a taxicab last week.  The incident occurred on Monday when the yellow cab jumped the curb on East 59th Street, hitting a man and then crashing into an empty storefront.  The accident occurred Madison and Park avenues on the south side of 59th Street.

Construction Accident Statistics from the Dept. of Buildings

The New York City Department of Buildings releases statistics every month about construction accidents that occur in the city. The most recent month available, April 2014, shows both raw numbers of accidents and compares those numbers to the previous year, 2013.

Delivery Truck Accidents Injure NYC Pedestrians and Others

New Yorkers like to complain about delivery trucks and other commercial vehicles double and triple parked, clogging streets and creating traffic hazards for drivers and pedestrians alike.  A recent accident on Manhattan’s Upper East Side took the problem to another level.  A Coca-Cola delivery truck hit and seriously injured an elderly man last week.

Construction Workers Make Grisly Find

Construction workers face dangers on a daily basis. Their work often leads to deadly consequences. Still, yesterday, a few construction workers who were digging a trench for a gas pipeline made a ghastly discovery that would make even the most hardened construction worker white in the face. The workers, while digging, came across human bones. This all unfolded in the front yard of a residence only steps away from PS 90 in Queens.

Bronx Pedestrian Struck And Killed By MTA Bus

We are saddened to report another tragic incident involving a pedestrian being struck and killed by a bus. The accident occurred early this Friday morning at around 1:30a.m. at Willis Avenue and East 147th Street in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx. The victim was reportedly a man in his 60s, who has yet to be identified by name. He was attempting to cross the street as the MTA bus made a left turn onto East 147th Street, striking him and trapping his body underneath the bus. The bus was in service with passengers on board. The police are investigating the accident and we hope they uncover its causes so that any responsible parties can be held accountable for this terrible loss of life.

Fatal Occupational Injuries 2013, Part 1

The preliminary results of the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries for 2013 were released last month by the Bureau of Labor Statistics., a division of the U.S. Department of Labor. The report contained mostly good news: Fatal work injuries were down in 2013 from 2012 by six percent in private industry.

What To Do After a Bicycle Accident

There is information about what to do after a car accident on the Internet and from insurance companies.  There are even pages of our law firm’s web site that provide detailed instructions about the steps to take after a car crash.  However, there appears to be less information about how to respond after a bicycle accident.