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March 2016 Archives

Video Footage Shows Cop Lying In Deadly Police Van Crash

Lie, lie and deny. That was the defense employed by a member of the New York City Police Department after a deadly crash in July 2013. Now, a shocking video depicts the vicious collision and proves without a shadow of doubt that the cop was lying about what happened and that she is 100% responsible for this innocent man's death.

Out-of-Control MTA Bus Slams into Pillar Under FDR Drive

Passengers on a MTA bus were briefly stricken with terror when the bus they were traveling in violently crashed into a metal pillar under the FDR Drive earlier this week. An investigation is ongoing and law enforcement is focusing on driver distraction as a cause of this crash. They suspect the driver looked away from the road and attempted to grab a drink right before the collision.

55 Year-Old Jodi McGrath Killed by Sanitation Truck

In the City that never sleeps, it seems that more and more frequently drivers are sleeping behind the wheel, causing fatal accidents. Earlier this week, New York City experienced another senseless loss when a garbage truck struck and killed 55-year-old Jodi McGrath as she was crossing the street in Manhattan.

A Month After New Crane Regulations in NYC: Have We Learned Anything???

Within a week of a deadly crane accident, a tragedy which was widely covered by the local and national media, a story that captured the attention of all New Yorkers, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced sweeping changes to the rules and regulations concerning the use of cranes in the city. The rules included:

You Are Never Completely Safe

Never completely safe? We are not trying to scare you with this; it is just the truth when it comes to injuries in New York City. Even if you do everything you can to insulate yourself from the possibility of injury, the negligence of others can leave you injured and in need of resources to recover.