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Month: March 2014

Two Brooklyn Neighborhoods Have Most Traffic Deaths

The increasingly fashionable neighborhood of Williamsburg in Brooklyn had more traffic deaths than any other part of the city, according to data compiled by the blogger I Quant. Brooklyn officials responded with demands to Mayor de Blasio to start his Vision Zero...

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OSHA Fines DISH for Workplace Violations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has fined DISH Network because it blacklisted an employee who reported fraudulent billing. Even though the employee was trying to save the company money, he was blacklisted after reporting that a vendor was...

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Most Alcohol-Related Car Accidents in Suffolk County

A New York City television station's investigative team found that there were more alcohol-related crashes in Long Island's Suffolk County than in any other county in New York State. Channel 4's I-Team examined records of car accidents from the New York State...

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Report Indicates Fatal NYC Bus Crashes Are on the Rise

The lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy have frequently been asked to represent victims in serious New York City bus crashes. Just because of the sheer size of a bus and the limited safety features for passengers, bus accidents can often be some of the most...

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Pedestrian Accidents Need Attention

A recent article in Crain's New York Business points out that the media have given much attention to the faulty ignitions in General Motors cars that have caused 11 deaths throughout the United States in the past decade. It asks why isn't there as much national...

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