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Month: January 2014

Two Recent Cement Truck Accidents in New York City

Cement trucks were involved in two recent serious trucking accidents recently. On January 18, a woman on the upper East Side of Manhattan was hit by a cement truck, severing her leg. The second truck accident occurred in the Bronx on January 20 when a driver lost...

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Tour Bus Accident Kills Beloved Alexander Shear, 73

73-year-old Alexander Shear was beloved as a true New York City treasure, known for his vast antique collection and infectious personality. Tragically, he is now also known as a person who lost their life in another New York City pedestrian accident.Shear's life was...

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Doctor Samantha Lee Killed in Tragic Ambulance Crash

Doctor Samantha Lee was killed on Manhattan's upper-west side over the weekend in yet another pedestrian accident. Dr. Lee, a 26-year-old anesthesiologist resident at the Columbia University Medical Center, was struck and killed right in front of the building where...

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The Nuts and Bolts of Construction Accidents

When we think of NYC construction accidents, we often focus on employer and building owner practices that create conditions that allow accidents to happen. One factor that gets less attention is the materials used in construction. Shoddy building materials may be the...

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$8.8 Million Recovery For Pedestrian Accident Victim

Lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy LLP recently announced an $8.8 million settlement for a client who was hit by a van in Ozone Park, Queens. The case settled on Jan. 7, 2014, two days before jury selection was scheduled to begin.The pedestrian accident occurred on...

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