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Month: July 2015

More Construction Accidents At Tishman Construction Sites

The construction boom in New York City has brought with it numerous worker accidents that result in injury and death. Fortunately, no one was killed at a Midtown building near Grand Central on Madison Avenue when a wall fell on them during demolition of a building....

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News You Can Use About Texting and Driving

You know that using your cell phone while driving is dangerous. It forces you to take your eyes off the road for at least a split-second. Even this tiny distraction can be very dangerous in the fast-moving traffic of New York City. But it is more than dangerous - it's...

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Tallest Crane in NYC Will Help Build Tower on 57th Street

The tallest crane to ever grace the crowded, gritty streets of Manhattan has arrived to put the finishing touches on a posh building located in midtown. Work has been ongoing at the construction of an exclusive residential building and now the city's tallest...

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Is Settling a Personal Injury Case a Good Idea?

Generally speaking, the answer to this question is, "Yes." There are many advantages to settling a personal injury case rather than going to trial. In fact, around 95 percent of all personal injury cases are resolved before going to court. Why do so many cases settle?...

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Will Zero Tolerance Improve Construction Safety in New York

We have all read the headlines of frightening construction accidents that have gripped New York City but now The Building Trades Employers' Association, a group that represents a large number of contractor associations, union management and general contractors, has...

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Right of Way Law: Is Arresting Bus Drivers the Answer?

The lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy are often asked to represent victims in very serious bus accidents so our stance on this new hot-button issue may surprise you... Read about it below. A recent bus accident that occurred in the Bronx has sparked a public...

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Why Use Experts in a Personal Injury Trial?

Five reasons expert witnesses can make a difference If a personal injury case goes to trial, the cost of experts will almost certainly be part of the expenses of the case. There are many reasons that PI attorneys use expert witnesses in trials, and they are almost...

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What Are Contingency Fees in Personal injury Cases?

According to the New York City Bar Association, a contingency fee is only paid to an attorney when a case is won. This is the kind of fee charged by most personal injury lawyers in New York. It means that if you lose your case, you will owe no attorney's fee....

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Seriously? A Cell-Phone Case That Looks Like a Gun?

It doesn't take a genius to recognize a really bad idea. As a voice for consumers, Block O'Toole & Murphy frequently has an opportunity to speak out on social issues that potentially impact innocent people. This brief piece is one of those occasions. The focus: a...

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