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July 2015 Archives

More Construction Accidents At Tishman Construction Sites

The construction boom in New York City has brought with it numerous worker accidents that result in injury and death. Fortunately, no one was killed at a Midtown building near Grand Central on Madison Avenue when a wall fell on them during demolition of a building. Two workers were injured and were transported to Bellevue Hospital.

Prevent Drowning and Boating Accidents in NYC This Summer

It's summertime in New York City. Although it is one of the biggest cities in the world, New York also has plenty of opportunities to get out on the water. Whether swimming in the Rockaways, splashing in a pool or boating on the rivers, there are numerous ways to get cool and enjoy summer in the city.

Two Months of Crane Accidents in the U.S.

There were two crane accidents within 30 minutes of each other last month at the New Jersey container shipping port. News coverage was spotty, at least in part because there were no fatalities or serious injuries. The workers in New jersey were lucky. Many crane accidents result in serious or fatal injuries.

Tallest Crane in NYC Will Help Build Tower on 57th Street

The tallest crane to ever grace the crowded, gritty streets of Manhattan has arrived to put the finishing touches on a posh building located in midtown. Work has been ongoing at the construction of an exclusive residential building and now the city's tallest free-standing crane ever is on the scene to assist in constructing this complex architectural masterpiece.

Is Settling a Personal Injury Case a Good Idea?

Generally speaking, the answer to this question is, "Yes." There are many advantages to settling a personal injury case rather than going to trial. In fact, around 95 percent of all personal injury cases are resolved before going to court. Why do so many cases settle?

Will Zero Tolerance Improve Construction Safety in New York

We have all read the headlines of frightening construction accidents that have gripped New York City but now The Building Trades Employers' Association, a group that represents a large number of contractor associations, union management and general contractors, has proposed a safety program to the City Council that they claim will reduce serious construction accidents going forward. The proposal, amplified in the attached Crain's magazine editorial, comes on the heels of Mayor Bill de Blasio adding more than 200 new building inspectors to the city's employee rolls. The proposal, offered by Lou Coletti, the president of the Building Employers Association, suggests the following:

What Are Contingency Fees in Personal injury Cases?

According to the New York City Bar Association, a contingency fee is only paid to an attorney when a case is won. This is the kind of fee charged by most personal injury lawyers in New York. It means that if you lose your case, you will owe no attorney's fee.

Are Free Consultations Really Free?

Many people are reluctant to consult an attorney after being injured in an accident because of the negligence of another person. They think that the insurance company will take care of their expenses. They may feel awkward about suing someone or believe that they can't afford legal representation. This post will discuss the third reason for not talking with a lawyer: "I can't afford it."