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Month: January 2015

NYC Trenching Accident Illustrates Dangers

A recent accident on Manhattan's Lower East Side illustrates the dangers of working in trenches. According to media sources, worker was injured when the sidewall of a trench collapsed, leaving the man buried under several feet of sand and gravel. The incident occurred...

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Elevator Accident Highlights Dangers

An elevator accident killed a 30-year-old mechanic on the Upper West Side of Manhattan last Friday, according to news sources. The worker was in an elevator shaft at 75 West End Avenue when an empty elevator car descended three floors, crushing him. A man who lives in...

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Bronx Construction Worker Crushed by Cement Truck

A Bronx construction worker is dead after being crushed yesterday by a cement truck. At the beginning of every calendar year people mark the first occurrence iof many events. Tragically, this work-related death is the first fatal construction workers' accident in...

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Ten Most Dangerous Jobs in the United States

According to a recent article in Business Insider, the most dangerous jobs in the United States involve logging, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Fortunately, there are few if any logging jobs in New York City. Other similarly dangerous occupations...

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