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January 2015 Archives

Court Triumph For Union Laborer Injured in Construction Accident

Lawyers from all over New York State and beyond bring their most significant cases to Block O'Toole & Murphy. The firm is widely regarded as one of the top trial firms in the entire country and that is typically the reason why lawyers are interested in the firm handling their cases. But this collection of talented lawyers does much more than just trial work.

Dangerous Ocean Parkway slated for traffic safety improvements

An important source of information about traffic accidents, dangerous intersections and badly maintained streets is This online magazine focuses on New York City's neighborhoods in detail, and the publication usually contains a story or two about traffic safety and how the Department of Transportation and local Community Councils address problems.

Falling Guardrail Results in Stop Work Order at NYC's Tallest Building

No one was injured in an incident at what is thought to be the tallest building in New York City, 432 Park Avenue. However, the accident illustrates a common hazard in high-rise building construction - falls resulting from missing or damaged guard rails.

Airport Construction Accident Illustrates Big Four Workplace Hazards

Just a few weeks ago, a post on this blog discussed the dangers of working in airports. Although the post primarily described the kinds of accidents that occur at the big airports in the New York City metro area -JFK, LaGuardia and Newark, even very small airports experience serious accidents that leave workers seriously injured.

Are Construction Site Safety and Corruption Monitors Up to Task As New York Continues Building Explosion?

The construction industry has had its fair share of safety and corruption scandals. We have witnessed over and over how worker safety is trampled on. We have also seen, whether in person, in a movie or on a television show like the Sopranos, that corruption can be a pivotal force in the construction industry. As a result of both the reality and the perception, companies were hired to monitor the safety practices at construction sites as well as to ensure that corruption practices were no longer in place. These monitors began in the 1980s after a series of embarrassing stories emerged about corruption being rampant at both union and nonunion jobs. The intention was to bring integrity to the undertaking. Now, construction has reached an all-time high and the expectation is that it will continue to grow in the upcoming years. The greater volume of work makes oversight a much more challenging proposition. As the industry changes will the ability to monitor it change?

Bronx Construction Worker Crushed by Cement Truck

A Bronx construction worker is dead after being crushed yesterday by a cement truck. At the beginning of every calendar year people mark the first occurrence iof many events. Tragically, this work-related death is the first fatal construction workers' accident in 2015. Unfortunately, it likely will be the first of too many.

Labor Union News for New York City

LaborPress Magazine reports on union news throughout New York State, but covers national stories as well.  As a media outlet for unions and workers, it publishes articles on topics as varied as the 2016 presidential election,  training programs and organizing battles.  A review of a recent news summary reveals the LaborPress’s coverage. From its beginnings focusing on New York union news to its national coverage today, LaborPress has a readership that includes public employees, newspaper reporters, state legislators, union officers, and community leaders.