Injured Worker Rescued from Crane in White Plains

Friday, August 11th, 2023

In downtown White Plains, a dramatic scene unfolded in the summer sky: On Wednesday, August 9, an injured construction worker descended through the air, dangling from a safety harness. ABC reports that the worker fell during his shift on a crane boom, sustaining a serious compound fracture to his tibia and fibula. This painful and incapacitating injury left him unable to climb down from the crane as usual.

A White Plains technical rescue team, firefighters, and police officials cooperated to extract the worker from the crane, located high above the city. The hour-long rescue mission required two phases. First, a harness system was used to lower the man approximately 200 feet onto the roof of a building. ABC helicopter footage shows him bravely waving to supporters from midair while wearing a temporary splint on his leg. An aerial ladder then transported him to the ground, where he was transferred to an ambulance. He remains in hospital care, but his prognosis has not been reported; we hope that he heals quickly and completely in the wake of this shocking experience.

The exact cause of the accident is currently unknown. A witness told local news that the worker fell while walking on a catwalk. Firefighters describe his fracture as a “crushing injury,” which suggests that some additional factors may have been involved. Crushing injuries are caused by direct forces of compression on the body.

The construction site was located at 200 Hamilton Ave, where the crane was being used to build a large new apartment building. Due to the rapid increase in such construction projects in the area, White Plains first responders had fortunately trained for this specific scenario.

The Importance of Crane Safety

The harrowing day in White Plains underscores the danger surrounding crane accidents. This worker may have survived two of the deadliest types of construction accidents: a fall potentially coupled with a struck-by accident. Because the rescue process from a crane poses its own risks, injuries on cranes should be prevented at all costs.

Regulations for cranes and derricks outlined by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) specify that all walkways on a crane should be built to a minimum width, and meet standards for slip resistance. OSHA’s guidelines for struck-by accidents also explain how to avoid workers being crushed by heavy crane equipment.

While further investigation is needed to determine whether the worker’s fall was exacerbated by the height of the crane, it is important to note that workers in these environments should always be provided with fall protection systems. A safety harness is an urgent priority for anyone performing their job at precarious heights. The general contractors, employers, and/or managers who run a construction site are legally obligated to protect workers from life-threatening falls by providing them with the right equipment and training.

Proven Justice for Fall-Related Construction Accidents

Within our justice system, crane accidents can be an inherently complicated matter to litigate. Because many parties may be liable for the accident, it takes the perspective of an experienced construction accident attorney to secure maximum financial compensation for a worker who was harmed on a crane. The crane accident lawyers at Block O’Toole & Murphy have a distinguished record of navigating this process with success, determination, and compassion.

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