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June 2012 Archives

Brain damage linked to untreated jaundice and malpractice

Kernicterus is a form of brain damage that occurs in newborn children because of severe, untreated jaundice. In most cases, mild jaundice is not a problem and fairly common in newborns. However, a significant build up of bilirubin, the cause of severe jaundice, can result in kernicterus and permanent brain damage. Untreated jaundice and kernicterus could be an indication of medical malpractice. Parents in New York who believe their children suffered brain damage because of untreated jaundice should contact an attorney.

Product recall notification failures may cause patient injury

Drug recalls are intended to protect consumers against dangerous products or items that have known to cause harm. In the U.S., they happen about once a month. New research suggests that consumers may not be properly warned and health care providers may not always be fully aware of drug dangers and recalls.

Lack of information may unsafely steer women towards C-sections

The decision to have natural child birth versus C-section delivery can be complicated, especially after a C-section has been performed in the past. New research suggests that women are making decisions regarding childbirth without the information that they need. In some instance, C-section can be more dangerous and result in medical negligence or injury.

Doctor behavioral issues that could impact your health

Choosing a doctor can be complicated, given in-network options, location and even your particular medical history. When choosing a primary care doctor or a specialist in New York, you want to know that you are receiving the highest level of care. Doing your research and picking up on any red flags could prevent medical negligence or even general dissatisfaction in the future. Here are some warning signs you should watch out for:

New York State parks not liable for woman's death

When you go to visit New York State's parks, make sure to heed warnings. New York's appellate court recently found that visitors cannot sue the parks if they are injured while flouting warning signs. Last week's decision was a reversal of a Syracuse court decision involving the death of a 51-year-old woman at Taughannock Falls State Park.

Medical errors reduced by electronic charts with patient photos

There are many ways to prevent medical errors. Now a new study shows that putting pictures into electronic hospital charts could reduce the risk of patient misidentification. With hospitals admitting and discharging hundreds of patients daily, keeping track of medical conditions, treatments, tests, and other necessary procedures can be complicated. Any confusion can result in errors and medical malpractice.

Companies advance policies to limit cellphone accident liability

Distracted drivers are a risk to other motorists and passengers on the road. Now more companies are being held liable for accidents caused by delivery drivers and other employees using cell phones while behind the wheel. As the National Safety Council estimates that one-quarter of all crashes involve cellphone or texting, companies are facing lawsuits for distracted driving accidents caused by their employees.

New study brings hope for paralysis victims

Paralyzed rats were restored to full movement in a Swiss study that is bringing hope to spinal cord injury victims in New York, the U.S. and throughout the world. The treatment combines electrical and chemical stimulation along with robotic support. After therapy, paralyzed rats were able to walk and run again.