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December 2016 Archives

Construction worker is hurt after fall into a construction hole

Conflicting news reports surrounded a Dec. 21 incident at a construction site in New York City. A series of alarms went off after a man allegedly fell into a construction hole that was estimated to be from 12 to 15 feet deep. It was reported that the injured person may have been a construction worker, but his name and the employer's name were not revealed in early reports.

Truck accidents: Cement truck kills cyclist in New York City

Although there is a truck route only two blocks away, many commercial trucks use West 55th Street in New York City. Truck accidents on this street that involve passenger cars, pedestrians or cyclists often result in fatalities that might have been avoided had the trucks used the nearby West 57th Street. One such a fatal accident occurred at an intersection on this route on a recent Thursday morning.

Construction accidents in New York City continue to rise

New York City has had at least 11 construction deaths in 2016. The most recent of these construction accidents took place on Dec. 9 when a construction worker fell from scaffolding at a residential development site in Brooklyn. The 59-year-old man was part of a crew that was installing a façade on the old Domino Sugar refinery located on the waterfront in Williamsburg.

Construction accidents involving scaffolding are quite common

In New York City and elsewhere, accidents on construction sites that involve scaffolding are quite common. When building scaffolding, construction companies are supposed to ensure that it is safe for employee use. Unfortunately, construction accidents happen because this does not always occur.

Pedestrian & Cyclist Deaths On The Rise - NYC Takes Action

New York, New York - As the holiday season approaches, it's sobering to see traffic accident statistics for 2016 compared with 2015. With the increase in vehicle collisions from last year, injuries and deaths are up as a result, especially for pedestrians and cyclists.