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Month: December 2016

Truck Drivers May Not Have Proper Medical Certification

Truck accidents happen for many reasons, but one unseen factor in accidents could be the health of the truck drivers themselves. The legitimacy of medical cards for thousands of drivers could now be called into question after an Atlanta-based medical examiner was...

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Second Avenue Subway Project Approaches Deadline

Governor Andrew Cuomo will not let the MTA back away from its New Years Eve deadline for finishing the first phase of the new Second Avenue Subway. The governor is cautiously optimistic, but like many other New Yorkers, he's not holding his breath. The long delayed...

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Construction accidents in New York City continue to rise

New York City has had at least 11 construction deaths in 2016. The most recent of these construction accidents took place on Dec. 9 when a construction worker fell from scaffolding at a residential development site in Brooklyn. The 59-year-old man was part of a crew...

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Brooklyn Construction Accident Kills Wilfredo Enriques

59 year-old Wilfredo Enriques went to work on Friday morning at a construction site in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. Tragically, he never made it home.Enriques, a construction worker that specialized in working with glass, a glazier, was killed while working...

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