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Month: March 2015

Shulem Benyosef, 44, Dies in Brooklyn Ladder Fall

A 44 year old Brooklyn man recently died in a fatal ladder accident. The deceased worker, Shulem Benyosef, was on a 30-foot extension ladder working on the roof at 449 20th Street in Brooklyn when he fell off the ladder. He slipped while working more than three...

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Did Building Code Violations Cause the NYC Gas Explosion?

The massive explosion in Manhattan's East Village last week left at least 50 people injured and two unaccounted for, according to news reports. In addition to its serious impact on the lives of the injured, the explosion also illustrates the complexity of the aging...

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Ironworker Killed at Gagosian Mansion

The attorneys at Block O'Toole & Murphy are following a fatal construction accident that took place this week at art mogul Larry Gagosian's Upper East Side mansion. As construction teams were rushing to complete a monstrous $70 million, four year project at the...

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Justice for Victim of Fatal Brooklyn Truck-Bicycle Accident

This blog has frequently alluded to the seemingly light penalties for motor vehicle drivers who kill or injure pedestrians and bicyclists in New York City. One example of this, reported last week by, is the accident in East Williamsburg three years ago...

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Another Manhattan Pedestrian Struck by a Bus

It feels like open season on New York City pedestrians. If this sounds like a recently aired television program that is being shown again, that is because the story you are about to read about continues to happen over and over again on our streets. Reports are...

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More Construction Accidents in 2014

The most recent construction accident statistics from the New York City Department of Buildings have been released for September 2014. As of the end of that month, 2014 construction accidents in NYC were on track to significantly exceed the number from the previous...

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Tina Nguyen Killed By Falling Debris

Pedestrian Tina Nguyen was walking through the bucolic tree-lined streets of Greenwich Village this week, talking on her cell phone when tragedy struck. Nguyen, a 37 year old real estate agent, was killed in a freak accident when massive winds caused a large piece of...

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Is Failure to Yield a Criminal Offense?

Under Mayor Bill de Blassio's plan to eliminate traffic fatalities, known as Vision Zero, the failure of motor vehicle drivers to yield to pedestrians is now a criminal offense in New York City. However, prosecuting drivers who kill or injure pedestrians may become...

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