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Month: February 2016

Hit-And-Run Accidents: What Are Your Rights?

A hit-and-run accident left one person dead and three more injured in Long Island last week. This was a tragic reminder that bad things can happen to good people and we are never safe from the negligence of others. In the aftermath of this accident, we have an...

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It’s Time We Clean Up Our Own Backyard

You need to clean up your own backyard before you try to clean up your neighbor's backyard. You can barely turn on your television, fire up your tablet or browse your news feed without being bombarded with examples of accidents, disasters, disease and famine around...

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Fake Inspections Can Cost Real Lives

As long as there have been regulations, there have been unscrupulous individuals and organizations cutting corners. When those regulations involve safety, the outcome can be the loss of human life and innocent people suffering serious injuries. This is an unacceptable...

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A Hero Walks Among Us

Friday February 5 was a tragic day in Lower Manhattan, as a crane collapsed into a busy street below, endangering the lives of construction workers, motorists, pedestrians and neighborhood residents. The outcome: One person killed. Three more injured. Without the...

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If A Tree Falls In The Urban Forest…

...who is responsible for the damage it causes? Can an injured pedestrian or motorist seek compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost earnings, property damage and other costs associated with the fallen tree? According to NYC Parks: The Department of...

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Insurance Companies: Inspiring Classic Hits

In 1983, The Police had a smash hit with I'll Be Watching You. The song's lyrics could easily have been written about an insurance company: Every breath you take and every move you make Every bond you break, every step you take, I'll be watching you Every single day...

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Casino Bound Bus Crashes In Connecticut

A bus carrying upwards of 70 people flipped off of Interstate 95 in Connecticut during a snow storm that struck the northeast on Monday, February 8, 2016. At least 30 passengers were injured, several critically, but miraculously none were killed. The bus, owned by...

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New Safety Rules After Fatal Crane Collapse

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is seeking to implement new safety rules only days after the tragic Tribeca Crane Collapse. Specifically, the mayor is reducing the wind-speed threshold at which such equipment, like a crawler crane, must be shut down. That change is...

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