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August 2013 Archives

Are Trucking Accidents Being Caused by Semis Without NYC Permit?

The recent tragic death of a Bronx teen, hit by a semi truck on the upper east side of Manhattan, was at least the seventh pedestrian death in New York involving a large truck. The city has laws about operating tractor trailers in the five boroughs, but it is hard to determine the degree to which these regulations are enforced.

Diesel Smoke Compromises Workplace Safety at MTA Garages

A woman was told by an oncologist that the diesel fumes in the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) bus depot contributed to his cancer. He had worked in the bus depot for 28 years and died last year of lung cancer. Many other workers in NYC bus garages have died because of bad air and other environmental hazards that compromise workplace safety.

NYC Lawyers Warn of School Bus Accidents As New School Year Looms

As we approach the end of August - - and the end of another sun-splashed summer - - thoughts begin to wander, with hesitation, back to the classroom. Pencils, backpacks, books and homework . . . they are all on the horizon. Summer will be over before you know it and the kids will be back at school. While "back to school" preparation is already in full swing for many parents, the serious personal injury lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy also want parents to focus on the dangers associated with young children returning to school. One of them undoubtedly includes school bus accidents.

Drunk Boating Accidents Can Be Avoided With Basic Precautions

New York State has hundreds of lakes and rivers as well as many miles of ocean coastline, making it a great location for summer fun. However, these great natural resources can also be dangerous. According to an editorial in the Poughkeepsie Journal, people in the area have gotten the message about not drinking and driving. The same is not true of boat operators. There have been far too many stories recently about people who suffered serious injury or death in boating accidents because someone was operating a boat while under the influence.

Block O'Toole & Murphy is Retained by Drunk Driving Victim

The senseless collision took place on July 9, 2013 near midnight. The intoxicated driver, 22 year old Arielle Szalkowski, was driving westbound on Route 202/35 in Yorktown. She crossed over into the opposite lane of traffic, violently slamming into the helpless victim who was driving home from work. Police and emergency personnel arrived shortly after the massive collision, using the jaws of life to extract the victim from his vehicle. He was transported by helicopter to Westchester County Medical Center. He was treated there for extensive head and facial injuries before being sent to a acute rehabilitation facility. He recently was discharged to his home where he is recovering with his family.

NYC Map Shows Motor Vehicle Accidents

This blog tries to report regularly on significant motor vehicle accidents in New York City. However, going beyond the headlines in NYC's three major newspapers can be a challenge. One web developer has taken it upon himself to massage the data released by NYPD into a geo-coded map that allows visitors to the web site, NYC Crashmapper, to see at a glance the locations of car, bike and pedestrian accidents.

Daniel P. O'Toole & Stephen J. Murphy Selected to 2013 Irish Legal 100

Block O'Toole & Murphy Irish-American trial lawyers Daniel P. O'Toole and Stephen J. Murphy were both named to the 2013 Irish Legal 100, a listing of the leading figures in law across the United States, according to The Irish Voice newspaper.

Wrongful Death of Jennifer Rosoff Reveals Late Building Inspection

The tragic wrongful death of Jennifer Rosoff continues to be followed and updated for our readers. You may remember this 35-year-old ad executive in Manhattan falling from her balcony after her apartment railing gave way, sending her cascading down to the first floor scaffolding erected at her building, Stonehenge 57.

U.S. Construction Workers' Accidents and Fatalities Among the Highest in the World

It is well documented that construction accidents, including fatalities, occur. But if someone told you that the United States, with all its resources, was among the highest in the world, would you believe it? It's true. Shocking, yes, but, true nonetheless.

NYC Construction Accident Lawyers Following Gas Explosion

The construction accident lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy are following the harrowing details of a Philadelphia building collapse that occurred earlier this week. The tragedy struck South Philadelphia as an apparent gas explosion led to the collapse of several attached row houses on Daly Street. At least eight people, including young children, were hospitalized with one victim listed in critical condition. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims.