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Wrongful Death of Jennifer Rosoff Reveals Late Building Inspection

The tragic wrongful death of Jennifer Rosoff continues to be followed and updated for our readers. You may remember this 35-year-old ad executive in Manhattan falling from her balcony after her apartment railing gave way, sending her cascading down to the first floor scaffolding erected at her building, Stonehenge 57.

The personal injury trial lawyers at Block O’Toole & Murphy originally wrote about this horrible accident last week. As we go to press today, there is evidence that the building was more than 6 months late in filing the mandatory balcony inspections.

At Rosoff’s funeral the other day, her family and friends spoke emotionally, trying to make sense of her far too early death. Her mother encouraged the mourners to celebrate the life of Jennifer Rosoff and put off their questions for later. The Stonehenge 57 management would probably prefer a similar approach, putting off questions about the safety of their balconies for as long as possible.

Questions will soon be asked and, after a thorough investigation, they will eventually be answered. Some of the pressing inquiries should include:

  • Why were the inspections delayed? Does it have anything to do with the integrity of the railings?
  • How could a railing be constructed that was unable to withstand the weight of a fit 35 year old woman?
  • Did the owners at Stonehenge retain qualified, experienced engineers to inspect the railings when they purchased this residential building only a few years ago?
  • Are other railings in different units now being replaced?
  • Have any of the residents voiced complaints about the railings before this awful tragedy?
  • Is the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office conducting an investigation? Improper inspections and the production of an unsafe railing may give rise to criminal charges.

None of the answers to these questions will bring Jennifer Rosoff back; it is also doubtful that they will ever bring any comfort to the family and friends of Jennifer Rosoff. Perhaps, though, they will prevent future tragedies like this from happening.

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Source: New York Daily News, “Building where ad exec plunged to her death six months late in filing balcony inspections: officials,” by Tina Moore, Ag. 2, 2013.