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FL resident Aurora Beauchamp struck by MTA bus – driver arrested

Aurora Beauchamp, a 61-year-old Florida resident was tragically struck and pinned down by an MTA bus yesterday at 8:52pm in Manhattan’s East Village. The incident, involving a southbound M14D bus, happened at the crosswalk between Houston Street and Avenue D.

After the collision, the victim’s left leg became trapped underneath the bus. Juan Santana, a bystander at the scene, tried to pry her free from underneath the bus but was unsuccessful in the aftermath of the collision. 

“She was asking for help and wanted the bus off of her but they told (her) that they couldn’t,” Santana said to New York Daily News.

A bird’s eye view showed the hectic aftermath of the scene:

The MTA bus driver, Eduard Khanimov, was briefly hospitalized for trauma and arrested for failure to yield to the pedestrian, resulting in the collision.

After the terrifying event, the victim was taken to Bellevue Hospital where she is being treated for a broken hip, broken ribs, broken pelvis, internal bleeding, and other injuries. The police reported that she is in serious but stable condition. We wish her a full and speedy recovery.

This incident highlights one of the top dangers that New Yorkers face. Each year, thousands of New York pedestrians are hurt in motor vehicle collisions because drivers failed to yield to them. In 2014, “Failure to Yield R.O.W.” was listed as the main reason for the crash in 24.5% of motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians.

Below, the chart offers a sobering look at the number of pedestrians injured in New York State from 2007-2014 in all motor vehicle crashes.

As New York City dwellers are extremely dependent on walking and public transportation to get around, it’s vital that our laws and public funding place top importance on pedestrian safety. Depending on the size of the vehicle, the speed in which it is traveling, and the type of accident, injuries can range from minor to extremely severe – even fatal.

We are encouraged by Mayor de Blasio’s recent efforts to reduce pedestrian accidents in the city; however, the number of people who are injured while walking on crosswalks, sidewalks, and other areas in New York City are still too high.

If you or a loved one was struck by a vehicle while walking, it’s crucial to understand your legal rights after the incident. For a free legal consultation, please call 212-736-5300 or fill out our contact form to speak with one of our highly-qualified injury attorneys.

The pedestrian accident lawyers at Block O’Toole & Murphy have extensive experience getting compensation for injured pedestrians, including a $32,756,156 verdict for a retired veteran who was struck by a driver impaired on drugs.

Recent notable cases involving pedestrians struck at crosswalks include:

  • $4,000,000 for teenager struck by an automobile at a pedestrian crosswalk. The structured settlement is expected to pay out $19,394,595 over the course of the Plaintiff’s life
  • $1,500,000 for 59-year-old custodial aide hit by a car owned by the City of New York in Lower Manhattan
  • $1,300,000 for 68-year-old retired female who was struck while crossing the street with the walk sign in her favor

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