Ladder Falls Still Leading Cause Of Death In Construction Industry

Thursday, May 26th, 2016

Falls continue to be the leading cause of death in the construction industry. Ladder falls comprise the greatest percentage of the construction site deaths.


What should you know about ladder accidents? Find out here.

Ladder accidents can be caused by a broken or unsteady ladder. Working on a ladder like this can cause a worker to fall or lead to the ladder tip or collapse. Other times workers are compelled to work on a ladder when it is an inappropriate tool to accomplish their work effectively and safely. In many instances, ladder accidents occur because a short-sighted boss forces a helpless worker to do something unsafe because it will allow the job to be completed sooner. Profits are the focus, rather than people.

Still, many ladder accidents can be prevented. How?

  • Ladders should be placed on secure footing
  • Ladders should be held in position by a co-worker
  • Workers should only climb a ladder facing forward
  • Ladders should not be combined to create a larger ladder
  • Workers should not use the top rung of a ladder as a platform
  • Ladders should only be used when fully and safely opened
  • Metal ladders should not be used in close proximity to any open electrical area
  • Ladders should be regularly inspected
  • Ladders should be maintained in good working order

When a construction worker falls my ladder the consequences can be severe. Workers who fall from a ladder can be killed or sustain serious injuries like damage to their spinal cord, damage to their spinal cord, fractures or broken bones, neck and back injuries, paralysis and joint damage. A focus on worker safety can drastically reduce the number of serious ladder accidents.

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