House Fire Kills Two Sisters in Southampton Vacation Home

Friday, August 5th, 2022

A house fire tragically claimed the lives of two sisters early Wednesday morning as they slept in their Southampton vacation home. 

During a visit from their home in Maryland, Lindsay and Jillian Wiener were sleeping when the fire started in an upstairs bedroom when the fire started. Despite attempts to save them, they were lost to the fire: The sisters were only 19 and 21 years old.  

The New York Post reported that the father of the two girls, Lewis Wiener, heard glass breaking and made every effort to usher his wife and children out of the home. His son, Zachary Wiener, was able to escape from a second-story window. But the girls were trapped in the bedroom, unable to make it out on their own. As Lewis tried to rescue them, it was too late—the home was already engulfed in flames and he could not reenter the house. Lewis, his wife, Alisa Wiener, and son Zachary Wiener (23), all managed to survive and were treated for non-life-threatening injuries. 

A neighbor told WRC-TV, “I knew them since they were born and it’s truly shocking. Truly, extremely sad news.” 

Young Lindsay, just 19 at the time of the fire, was in her sophomore year at Tulane University, and 21-year-old Jillian was about to enter her senior year at the University of Michigan.  

Firefighters and EMS responded and once the flames were extinguished, the bodies of the girls were recovered. Attempts were made at CPR, but the sisters were lost. 

The Wiener family mourns with their local synagogue. Lewis Wiener currently serves as the president of the Washington Hebrew Congregation in D.C., which released a statement on the life and loss of the sisters: 

“The world has lost two beautiful lights today, and the Washington Hebrew Congregation community is heartbroken. Through their leadership and service, acts of kindness, and friendship, the Wiener family — Lewis, Alisa, Zach, Jillian, and Lindsay – has touched so many lives at Washington Hebrew,” the congregation said in a statement. “It was just two months ago that we came together as a community to celebrate with the Wieners when Lew was installed as our Congregation’s president. Now, as a community, we will again come together to support and lift up Lew, Alisa, and Zach in every way possible.” 

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation, pending findings from officials. 

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