BOM Achieves #1 Verdict, Top Results in NYLJ’s Annual Report

Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Block O’Toole & Murphy attained a record-breaking verdict of $110,174,972–the number one verdict in all of New York State–as well as the top second and third settlements ($11,500,000 and $11,000,000), as listed in the New York Law Journal’s recently-released 2019 Top Verdicts and Settlements report. Overall, with published and unpublished results considered, the firm recovered over $250,000,000 on behalf of their injured clients in 2019. 

Additionally, this is the eighth year in a row that the firm garnered more published results exceeding $1 million than any other law firm in New York, according to the New York Law Journal’s report.  

Founding Partner Jeffrey Block said, “We are cognizant of the fact that as the pandemic took hold of the country, times became much more difficult for all businesses, including law firms. The stellar work of our paralegals and staff during the pandemic reinforced why we have enjoyed success over the years. Working remotely has been a total team effort, but that has always been the foundation of this firm. We work together and fight for those who need us most.” 

Select 2019 top results include:  

  • $110,174,972 jury verdict: Partners Scott Occhiogrosso and Daniel O’Toole handled a tragic case in which a 23-year-old cyclist became paralyzed from the waist down after he was struck by a railroad tie that fell from a construction site above. 
  • $11,500,000 settlement: O’Toole and Occhiogrosso handled this case for a carpenter who was hurt in a saw accident. A defective saw suddenly kicked back and deeply cut our client’s left wrist. This left our client bleeding profusely and in severe pain. After initial treatment, there were various complications with the client’s left wrist that required further medical intervention, including RSD and PTSD. 
  • $11,000,000 settlement: O’Toole and Occhiogrosso also obtained $11 million for a construction worker who fell three stories and injured his pelvis. Our client was working at a residential building when he stepped on an unsecured opening, causing him to fall through the hole and land three stories below. This fall left him permanently disabled, with injuries to the pelvis and spine.  
  • $6,500,000 settlement: O’Toole, along with Senior Counsel Frederick Aranki, obtained $6.5 million for a union mechanic who fell 18-20 feet when the catwalk he was walking on collapsed. Unfortunately, he suffered severe injuries requiring several surgeries, and was unable to return to work.  
  • $3,150,000 settlement: This case was for a worker who fell off a ladder and sustained debilitating spinal injuries. It was handled by Founding Partner Jeffrey Block, whose career achievements have annually landed him at or near the top of this list. 
  • $2,875,000 settlement: Partners Stephen Murphy and David Scher handled this case for a welder who was struck by a piece of wood that fell 20 feet. He suffered injuries that required surgery and unfortunately left him unable to work.

“Although we wish our clients were never involved in these terrible accidents, we are glad to be able to help them through an intensely difficult time,” said O’Toole.  

Partner Stephen Murphy, who consistently has handled some of the top results in New York, agreed. “When people come to us in need, we’re just happy to be able to step up and help them. If we are able to provide them with any kind of peace of mind about their futures, then we have done our job,” he said.  

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