Fatal Construction Accident Kills Paul Kennedy and Rocks Downtown Brooklyn

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

Machinery at a construction site malfunctioned and 43 year-old construction worker Paul Kennedy lost his life as a result.

The fatal construction accident, which occurred at 61 Bond Street, between State and Schermerhorn Streets, right in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, rocked the bustling neighborhood. Mr. Kennedy, of the Bronx, was operating a pile drilling machine when a piece of it snapped off and struck him in the head. The violent blow rendered the unwary worker unconscious. Emergency personnel rushed to the scene but Mr. Kennedy was pronounced dead from the deadly head wound before they were able to save him. Witnesses described the accident as being sudden and violent. One witness, quoted in the New York Post, sums it up well, “it sad, he came to work and now he’s gone.”

It is sad, profoundly sad. Kennedy’s wife rushed to the scene after learning of his accident. She was understandably despondent after learning of his death. She pondered the future of her family, describing her husband, as a father and a “kind man, a really good guy.” Our thoughts and prayers are with the loved ones of Paul Kennedy.

This is yet another fatal construction accident that has occurred this year on New York City soil. Too many lives have been lost and too many families have been left in shambles because workers are simply not being provided a safe opportunity to do their job. In 2016, so far, the number of construction fatalities is on pace to far exceed any in recent memory. Investigators from the Department of Buildings, OSHA and perhaps local law enforcement will now try to determine why this tragedy occurred. They will seek to uncover evidence that reveals answers to some of these critical questions.

  • How old was the machinery that malfunctioned?
  • Was there a history of problems with the part or the machine that caused this worker’s death?
  • Did the deceased worker have the appropriate training and experience in using this machine?
  • Was the machine checked beforehand by an experienced person to make sure it was in proper working order?
  • How frequently was the machine inspected?

The answers to these questions will dictate the course of this investigation.

More than 1000 construction workers are killed in the United States, on average, each year. The leading cause of construction deaths are the result of falls, electrocution, workers who are struck by objects and workers who are caught in-between two forces. According to OSHA, these four causes account for more than half of all construction related fatalities annually.

Construction workers who have been involved in work accidents may have a legal right to bring a lawsuit for their losses, including wage losses, payment of their medical bills and fair compensation for their injuries. Families of construction workers who have been killed in a work accident may have a legal right to be fairly compensated as well. This is called a Wrongful Death Action.

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