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Paul Hansen Killed in Fatal Sag Harbor DWI Crash

Paul Hansen, 53, a respected, well-liked pillar of the Sag Harbor community, was killed in a deadly crash this weekend. The driver, Hansen’s friend, Sean Ludwick, was arrested and arraigned on felony drunk driving charges. The collision and the death of the revered Hansen has shook the core of this summer community.

Police reports indicate that Ludwick lost control of his 2013 Porsche and violently struck a utility pole. The impact caused Hansen to be ejected from the car. Compounding the senseless tragedy, the fatal accident took place only feet from the now deceased Hansen’s driveway. The allegations against Ludwick include a charge that he drove away and left his friend to die in the street. Ludwick was found about a quarter mile away from his friend’s body with his beaten up Porsche, according to details that emerged at his arraignment.

Sag Harbor residents remain in shock, particularly at the accusation that Ludwick placed his interests above his friends in fleeing the scene. Hansen had a unique, fun loving personality that endeared him to the locals. He was a trusted real estate broker in the area. The father of 2 boys had an adventurous spirit, often participating in daring activities like going kite surfing, sometimes on his lunch break.

Details of the fatal crash are still emerging but it appears the two friends were socializing at 230 Down in Southampton. Ludwick was driving the two of them home just before 2am when the crash took place. Their sons, classmates, were at the Hansen house waiting for their arrival.

Police reports indicate that Ludwick refused to submit to a breathalyzer or permit his blood to be drawn at the scene.

Accidents like this are senseless because they are wholly avoidable. Drinking and driving is a deadly gamble and it is not just a gamble with your life. You expose other people to great dangers as a result of your reckless behavior. We hope that in some small way this tragedy encourages people to play it smart and don’t drink and drive. Take a car service.

We also want to express our condolences to the friends and family of Paul Hansen. This will test their strength and character like nothing else. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.

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