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NYC Lawyers Discuss ‘New York City’s Deadliest Streets’ Article

Attorneys like the trial lawyers at Block O’Toole & Murphy handle cases where pedestrians are struck by cars or trucks on a regular basis. For instance, we have recovered a $32,756,156 verdict, a $12,000,000 settlement and a $8,800,000 settlement on behalf of serious pedestrian accident victims. Frequently they notice that many of these often deadly collisions seem to occur in the same areas over and over. Whether it is Broadway in Manhattan, Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, Woodhaven and Queens Boulevards in Queens or Fordham Road in the Bronx, there is a pattern to where these accidents seem to occur and that pattern persists.

Today, The New York Daily News ran a profile on New York’s City’s deadliest streets. The article is informative but how New York City copes with this problem and improves upon the safety of its streets is perhaps of greater concern.

New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio has set an ambitious goal of reducing traffic deaths to zero – – that’s right zero – – within 10 years. How ambitious is this? Well in the last three years an average of approximately 150 pedestrians per year are killed in New York City alone. That is a staggering figure and accomplishing the goal of getting to zero from 150 seems very lofty.

Increased enforcement of traffic offenses, a greater police presence, more visible traffic signs for both motorists and pedestrians including warnings about the dangers associated with an intersection are all ideas that should help. A few more suggestions include lengthening the time a pedestrian has to cross the street and adding a criminal charge for driver inattention to hold drivers at fault when they are responsible for mowing down a pedestrian are all being discussed. What is obvious is that something needs to happen and happen soon. In the meantime, read the article and take extra precautions when traveling near these areas.

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