New York City’s Most Dangerous Jobs

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Rarely do people think about life or death when they go to work, unless they work in the fields that have been recently profiled as some of the most dangerous jobs in New York. In a recent article, Metro daily newspaper highlighted several New York City industries that expose workers to dangerous conditions and have high risks of ‘on the job’ accidents. Below is a list of several industries discussed in the article:

  • Local 147 “Sandhogs” or urban miners – Sandhogs are responsible for building every tunnel in New York as well as digging foundations for other projects. These workers are routinely exposed to dangerous conditions and risk being injured in accidents like tunnel collapse during excavation, trench falls and crane accidents.
  • Local 40 and Local 361 Ironworkers – These workers are responsible for building the city’s skyscrapers and bridges. Workers are routinely at risk of falling from dangerous heights or being injured in the process of moving heavy pieces of steel.

Both the Sandhogs and Ironworkers played a major role in shaping the great city of New York.

  • Cab drivers- Cab drivers are a group of individuals that often deal with the perils of drunk passengers, being robbed, and other reckless drivers on the roads.
  • MTA “Third rail” workers – Workers responsible for maintaining the energized third rail that powers subway cars work around the clock and are exposed to the dangers of electrocution and being struck by a moving subway car.

Not surprisingly, several construction related jobs made it on the list including the work of Local 147 “Sandhogs” (urban miners) and Locals 40 & 361 ironworkers. The work of these professional unions is essential to the growth of New York City as these unions are integral in major construction projects such as subway tunnel expansion, constructing the Freedom Towers, and erecting new bridges. The dedicated workers of these unions routinely go to work where they are exposed to serious hazards and dangers. It is imperative that there are laws and committed legal professionals dedicated to protect the men and women who often risk their lives to build a better New York City.

Block, O’Toole & Murphy’s team of seasoned trial lawyers is committed to working on behalf of injured workers including Local 147 Sandhogs and Locals 40 and 361 ironworkers. Despite extensive federal, state and local safety regulations pertaining to work and equipment at construction sites, devastating accidents still occur. The New York Labor Law enables injured workers to recover from site owners and general contractors who have failed to provide adequate safety protections to workers. If you or a loved one would like to speak to our experienced team of trial lawyers about worksite protection, you can contact us at 212-736-5300 or at

Metro Daily News, “Most dangerous industries in New York City,” by Evelyn Cheng, February 25, 2013


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