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Unstable Wall at Construction Site Kills 1 Worker and Injures 2 Others

Who knew that this wall was unstable? That is the critical question investigators will be asking.

A construction worker was killed and 2 others were seriously injured by a wall that collapsed on them while they were working at a construction site in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. The accident took place at 656 Myrtle Avenue.

Reports indicate that a retaining wall at the construction site collapsed. The retaining wall was designed to hold back soil around the perimeter of the building. The wall collapsed as the 3 men were working, burying the unwary victims beneath a pile of cement, cinder blocks and dust. Shocked fellow workers and emergency personnel rushed to their aid and attempted to free them. Once free, they were rushed to local hospitals. One victim, whose name has not been released yet, was pronounced dead at the hospital. He was 19 years old.

Drunk Drivers Cause Serious Injury And Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

Injuring or killing another person while driving drunk doesn't happen very often in New York City. When it does, however, the carnage is usually significant. Drunk drivers usually drive much too fast for conditions, don't see pedestrians and other vehicles, and often lose control of their vehicles. The result is almost always serious injury and death.

Bus Drivers Will No Longer Be Prosecuted For Accidentally Hitting a Pedestrian

Fair is fair, no matter what.

Yes we represent victims in serious bus accidents and we have been fortunate enough to be in a position to have been able to make a real difference in the lives of the victims and their families. But that does not cloud our sense of fundamental fairness. We have been critical of New York City's "Right of Way" law since its inception. Now, it seems the scales are about to become more balanced as a result of a deal being struck by the City and the Transport Workers Union (TWU).

Paul Hansen Killed in Fatal Sag Harbor DWI Crash

Paul Hansen, 53, a respected, well-liked pillar of the Sag Harbor community, was killed in a deadly crash this weekend. The driver, Hansen's friend, Sean Ludwick, was arrested and arraigned on felony drunk driving charges. The collision and the death of the revered Hansen has shook the core of this summer community.

NYC Improves Crash-Prone Intersection in Brooklyn to Stop Pedestrian Accidents

brooklyn-bridge-768668_640.jpgA previously dangerous intersection in Prospect Heights is receiving some much-needed re-engineering. The three-way crossing at Atlantic, Washington and Underhill avenues saw 16 injuries in 2014, making it one of the worst in Brooklyn. Residents have been lobbying for years to get the city to make improvements.

Report: NYC Construction Worker Injuries Continue to Soar

New York City's Department of Buildings released a scathing report that illustrated a sharp increase in accidents and deaths at construction sites in New York City over the past 12 months. The report cites statistics that point to a massive 34% increase in construction injuries over the last fiscal year. The report was released as the Investigative Agency is looking into another construction related death that took place this week in Manhattan. Fatalities at construction sites have nearly doubled in the past year and far surpassed totals in any recent year.

Who is Responsible for Gas Explosions in New York City?

damagesd gas-meter-75706_640.jpg

You may remember the New York City explosion that killed eight and injured 50 people in Harlem. An investigation into the incident, which happened about 18 months ago, revealed that the explosion was caused by a leaking sewer pipe and an improperly welded join in a gas pipe.

The sewer link caused the earth under the gas pipe to subside. The gas pipe began to bend because the earth that had previously supported it was gone. The bend was at the site of a join with bad welding that ultimately cracked, releasing natural gas into the surrounding earth and utilities.

Question: Will Right of Way Law Protect Pedestrians in New York City? Part 2 of 2.?

Answer: Not right away. The law faces challenges from unions and in Albany. 

city bus.jpg

In addition to the 2015 bus accidents reported in the previous blog post, nine people were killed in 2014 bus accidents. The need to improve this story state of affairs was enshrined in the mayor's Vision Zero, which aims to end traffic fatalities altogether and is based on the belief that traffic crashes are not "accidents."

The Right of Way law was developed and passed as part of Vision Zero. This law makes it a misdemeanor crime to injure or kill a pedestrian a pedestrian in a crosswalk. Although this law makes sense as part of the overall effort to eliminate traffic deaths, it has become controversial, especially among bus drivers.

Construction Worker Falls to His Death Down Elevator Shaft in Hells Kitchen, New York

On August 25, 2015, at approximately 12:40 p.m., a 30-year-old construction worker fell to his death when wooden boards covering an elevator shaft gave way, causing him to plummet four stories down into the basement of 577 Ninth Avenue, near the corner of 42nd Street in the Hells Kitchen section of Manhattan. The victim was found by police unconscious and unresponsive in several feet of water in the basement and was immediately rushed to Bellevue Hospital where he was pronounced dead. According to reports, the victim was not wearing a safety harness while walking along the wooden boards.

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