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3 Workers Seriously Injured in Queens Construction Accident

A terrifying construction accident took place yesterday afternoon in Astoria, Queens. The accident, which is being reported by several local media outlets, took
place at approximately 3:40 PM at a work site located on 28th Road neaer 31st Street. 

Initially, reports were that it was a crane that had collapsed and trapped 3 workers in the basement at the construction site. Those reports were inaccurate. Now, a day after the accident, it is clear that heavy construction materials were inadvertently dropped several floors from the top of the work site all the way down to the basement.

Construction Worker Falls To His Death From Scaffolding In Brooklyn


In a tragic reminder of the dangers facing New York City construction workers, a 58-year-old construction worker died after falling from scaffolding on the outside of a Brooklyn building. As reported in the New York Post, the man was performing work on a building on Nostrand Avenue when he lost his footing and fell from the third floor of the building. He suffered severe trauma from the fall and succumbed to his injuries at Kings County Hospital.

Do You Know What Your Rights Are As A Construction Worker?

Construction is a tough industry to make a living in. Working on a construction site is certainly not a job for the week among us as it requires physical strength, mental toughness and an ability to recover quickly from physical exertion. 

Sadly the line between "tough" and "exploited" is too often blurred or erased. Many construction workers are unaware of their rights or afraid to speak out when they are violated.

NY's Labor Law Protects Workers In Scaffold Falls

Our city has witnessed an unprecedented construction boom over the past few years. All you have to do for confirmation is look up to our ever-expanding skyline. 

Scaffolds, ladders, and other devices to help workers reach great heights are no stranger to New York City construction sites. Unfortunately for workers and their families, neither are scaffolding accidents that leave workers severely injured. Despite this dangerous reality few workers truly know what their rights are after an accident occurs. 

Injured at a construction site? Here's who could be liable

New York hardhats face a lot of dangers while they're working at a construction site. In most cases, an injured construction employee can pursue workers' compensation following a serious accident. Workers' compensation laws protect construction companies from lawsuits relating to an employee's injuries. However, construction sites are complicated places and it's possible that one or more non-employers are liable for your construction accident injuries.

If an additional party is liable for your job site injuries, you can pursue additional claims – on top of your workers' compensation damages – in civil court by holding that party responsible.

Jose Ramos & CVS Assault Case from a Legal Standpoint

In the past month, news broke that Jose Ramos, a loss prevention agent at CVS, used his position to sexually assault at least four women ranging from the ages of 16 to 28. The incidents occurred in multiple Brooklyn CVS locations, including Kensington and Bensonhurst.

Ramos allegedly ordered suspected shoplifters into private rooms in at least 2 CVS locations. Once he had them alone, he told them to take nude photos in exchange for his not turning them over to the police. He allegedly groped his victims before having them sign a phony non-disclosure agreement stating that if they reported him to the police, they would be arrested themselves for shoplifting.

This is an egregious crime and we are greatly angered by Ramos' assault of his victims. In light of these dismaying accounts, we must also consider CVS's negligence in failing to protect those who enter their stores.

Falling from heights commonly cause of construction accidents

Falls from heights are a major type of construction accident in New York City and nationwide. The types of construction accidents involving falls from heights are wide and varied. One example occurred recently in another state when four construction workers were injured at a site where they were building an addition to an existing building.

The construction company running the project was placing trusses on top of the new stud walls when a wind gust reportedly swooped down and made the trusses give way. The four injured construction workers were on top of 10-foot walls when the trusses collapsed, causing them to fall 10 to 12 feet and become trapped under the trusses. Responders had to cut the trusses up to get people out, according to reports.

Textalyzer check of phones may be adopted for car accidents

In New York City and the state of New York, it is illegal to use a mobile telephone while driving. This includes for talking or for texting. Not only are there fines for violating the law, but points can also be added to one's driver's license record. The license can ultimately be suspended if the threshold of points is reached. The law is designed to prevent an increase in car accidents caused by distracted driving due to the use of digital devices.

One man who lost a son to texting and driving is spearheading a legislative effort to strengthen the current law. He is supporting a proposal currently being considered by the New York Assembly and Senate to initiate a "textalyzer"  procedure to check a driver's cell phone for activity that occurred just prior to the occurrence of an auto accident. The bill will not criminalize the use of cell phones prior to an accident, but one could lose one's driver's license for repeat violations.

The "Textalyzer": It's Come Down To This

It is no secret that distracted driving is responsible for a disproportionate amount of accidents, injuries, and deaths in New York and around the nation. Governments have poured money into advertising campaigns and passed laws barring the use of cellular phone behind the wheel.

Sadly, these efforts have not curbed the damage that is done by distracted driving on our roads and highways. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 3,500 people were killed in accidents caused by distracted driving as recently as 2015.  

Unlicensed NY Contractor Faces Manslaughter Charges

A Senseless Yet Predictable Tragedy Claims A Worker's Life

In a story that has echoes of the early industrial age - the time before workplace safety regulations - an unlicensed contractor faces manslaughter charges as a result of a teen worker's death.