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Mother Anne Goldman & Children Hurt in Central Park Tree Fall

On the morning of Tuesday, August 15, 2017 at around 10AM, an American elm tree suddenly fell on West Drive in Central Park near 62nd Street where Anne Monoky Goldman, a Manhattan mother, was strolling with a baby strapped to her chest and two toddlers in a double stroller.

Witnesses said they heard a loud, horrifying crack, and there was very little time to react afterwards.

"It started crackling, and it just fell within seconds," one eyewitness told CBS News.

Worker Collapsed in Hard-to-Reach Spot in West Village Building

At approximately 9 a.m. on Monday August 14th, a construction worker passed out on the upper floors of 348 W. 14th Street, as reported by the New York Daily News. the man collapsed at a hard-to-reach location within the building, where firefighters later used an FDNY tower ladder to rescue him. 

Soon afterwards, he was taken to Bellevue Hospital. 

Is Union vs. Non-Union A Constructive Battle?

A new rule being pushed in New York City would grant unions a significant amount of control over non-union projects. Proponents of the measure say it would be an important step toward holding builders and property owners accountable for worker safety. Critics of the bill say it is simply a power grab by unions who have lost a sizable portion of the city's construction projects in recent years. 

Will New Bike Lanes Lead To Safer Streets?

New York city is adding bike lanes, and they will start to provide more of them every year until the city has the number they need to allegedly keep cyclists safe. This will start with 10 miles of protected lanes, and move toward that number of miles of lanes every year. The project will take years to complete because of the sheer size of the city, but it will tie in with the bike lanes that are already there and that provide current value for cyclists who commute to work, school, the store, and other city locations. But is it really helpful to have these lanes? There are pros and cons to their creation and usage.

Money Doesn't Buy Safety

The wages for construction workers in NYC are now at an all-time high, and that's both good news and bad news. While it would seem like only good news when wages go up and people have more money, there is a flip side to the issue that is causing some problems for others in the city. There are concerns about the quality of construction, and about the safety of the workers who are currently in these high-dollar jobs. With that in mind, it is important to explore the issue in more depth, to see where the red flags are.

Steven Simpson, Electrician, Found Dead after Elevator Accident

Sadly, another worker died earlier this week in a horrific work accident - this time at a luxury apartment high-rise in Hell's Kitchen, as reported by the New York Daily News.

Steven Simpson, an electrician, was found dead by a security guard yesterday morning at around 7:15AM. His body had been dangling lifelessly between the elevator and elevator shaft for hours. Simpson was pronounced dead at the scene when the EMS arrived.

Murray Hill Multi-Car Crash A Reminder To Drive Safely

Earlier this week, four people were hurt following a multi-vehicle crash in Murray Hill, including two who were critically injured.

At around 2:30am on East 34th Street, a Honda Civic that was speeding ran a red light and was subsequently struck by a DOT truck that had the green light. The collision caused the two vehicles to strike a nearby taxi.

One witness reported that the Honda was "going really fast, like 70 mph, too fast."

Witnesses at the scene described the terrifying collision. "The truck hit him really hard," one of them reported. "It was like an explosion...everyone was running."

If They Can't Make The Trains Run On Time...

In NYC, there are serious concerns with the subway system. Not only do the trains often fail to run on time, but the safety of these subway trains is also in question. From derailments, to trains sitting in the heat for nearly an hour at a time, to years of maintenance deferred since the subway was created, there are problems. Much of this has come from planning that was careless at best, and negligent at worst. A better understanding of what is really taking place with the NYC subway system is vital to understanding what steps can and should be taken to improve the system and help victims who have been injured.


NYC Worker Severely Injured - Local Union Calls for Elevator Safety Act

Continuing an alarming trend of workplace accidents, there has been another awful tragedy in New York City. This time, an elevator mechanic was crushed by an elevator in the basement of a Manhattan building, according to a spokesman from the Fire Department.

The incident took place in an elevator shaft at 380 Lafayette St. at 11:04 a.m. on Wednesday morning. He was moved to Bellevue Hospital after rescue crews took nearly an hour to free him from a tangled mess of wires and debris.

Increased Building Activity: A Death Sentence For Workers?

Workers in New York City are being injured in falls from ladders and scaffolding, they are being injured in crane accidents, and they face the prospect each day of not making it home in one piece. 

In what is becoming a sad - seemingly daily - reality, New York City construction workers continue to suffer horrific injuries and lose their lives as a result of negligence on construction sites. This can leave families without a loved one or facing the financial instability that comes from not having a source of income. 

It is becoming clear that the legislative and regulatory status quo will not make these tragedies a thing of the past. As workers continue to be injured and killed at an astounding rate, we must ask the question: is New York City's construction boom a death sentence for our workers?