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News You Can Use: Construction Activity in New York City

Anyone who lives, visits or works in New York City knows that construction is booming. But looks can be deceiving, even to seasoned New Yorkers. Some statistics provided by the New York City Economic Development Commission tell the more nuanced story.

 It turns out that construction is indeed booming when compared to 2013. The number of construction starts has increased by 21 percent, from 5,927 in 2013 to 7,143 in 2014. However, that number is still less than July 2004, before the economic downturn.  This year’s number is still 12 percent smaller than the number of construction starts in the five boroughs in 2004 – 8,145.


Construction Worker Sustains Broken Leg in Second Avenue Subway Tunnel Accident

The lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy are bringing you details about a recent construction accident that took place in the bowels of the Second Avenue subway tunnel project. The victim was rescued by firefighters after a harrowing and grueling rescue effort.

Workplace Safety an Issue in Hospitals


Did you know that hospitals are among the most dangerous places to work? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently issued a citation against Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center in the New York borough of Brooklyn for failing to protect employees against physical attacks by patients and visitors. It found 40 instances of violence against employees between February and April of 2014. 

Hot Work and its Hazards

worker accident welder.jpg

Unless you work in an industry where the term is commonly used, the notion of "hot work" could mean getting out on a roof in the middle of July. Hot work is defined by the U.S. Chemical Safety Board (CSB) as burning, grinding, cutting, welding or similar spark-producing operations that can ignite fires or explosions, especially around storage tanks that contain flammable materials.  Hot work accidents in a variety of industries, including food processing, pulp and paper manufacturing, oil production, fuel storage and waste treatment.

Our Law Firm Also Practices Employment Law

Block O'Toole & Murphy provides legal representation to clients who have experienced all types of injuries on the job -- both physical injuries and other harms that cause damage to our clients.  These types of cases involve discrimination, wrongful termination, hostile work environments and other types of prohibited employer behavior under city, state and federal law. 

Asbestos Still in Wide Use in Developing World

Although people in the U.S. are still dying from exposure to asbestos, it is no longer in common use.  This is not the case in India, where asbestos is a $2 billion industry. India is the world’s biggest importer of asbestos, with 100 manufacturing plants that employ at least 300,000 people. The most common use of asbestos in India is in corrugated roof sheets.  Asbestos fibers can be released if the sheets are cut or hammered.

More than 50 countries and a variety of labor and medical organizations say that the mineral should be banned. Fibers lodge in the lungs, leading to a variety of cancers and other diseases.  By many estimates, 100,000 people die every year in India because of asbestos exposure in the workplace. India’s asbestos industry says that the risks of the substance are exaggerated.

Two Construction Workers Rescued From Scaffold in Lower Manhattan

Scaffold accidents occur somewhat frequently in New York City, the construction capital of the world. Scaffold accidents receive a fair amount of media attention because they pose very serious dangers due to the elevated heights that workers work at while on a scaffold. The consequences can be quite severe.

Elevator Accident in Manhattan Injures 2 Construction Workers

The lawyers at Block O'Toole & Murphy have been privileged to represent many construction workers over the years. Block O'Toole & Murphy has also been fortunate to be in a position to help many elevator accident victims during the last few decades. Today, these attorneys bring you some news about two construction workers who were injured in a dangerous elevator while working at a construction site.

Irish Legal 100 Honors Daniel O'Toole and Stephen Murphy of Prestigious NYC Injury Firm Block O'Toole & Murphy, LLP

New York personal injury lawyers Daniel P. O'Toole and Stephen J. Murphy of Block O'Toole & Murphy, LLP have once again been named to the Irish Legal 100 for 2014. The Irish Legal 100 is a listing of the leading figures in the law of Irish decent across the entire United States. Its honorees include such luminaries as U.S. Supreme Court Justices John Roberts and Anthony Kennedy, as well as leading practitioners across the country in both public and private practice.

The Most Dangerous Jobs in America, Part 2 of 2

In a previous blog we reviewed the most dangerous industries for workers, reporting that the trucking industry and transportation generally have a significant majority of work-related incidents that cause injury or death. Other dangerous industries with smaller workforces include fishing and farming.  Only construction and its allied occupations are close to transportation when it comes to on-the-job dangers.

At the conclusion of the last blog post on this subject, on July 20th, we asked whether people in dangerous occupations such as these were paid for the risks they took.  Not surprisingly, the answer is a resounding "no." In addition to low pay, truck drivers endure unpleasant working conditions and have a very unhealthy lifestyle.