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Increase in NYC Construction Fatalities Prompts Proposal of New Laws

The rash increase in serious construction accidents and the publicity associated with these accidents has triggered a reaction from New York City's City Council. It is expected that City Council members will introduce a comprehensive package of proposed laws next week to make construction sites safer. The proposal includes an anticipated 18 different new laws that will significantly impact the construction industry. The response to the proposed legislation has been revealing.

Pedestrian accidents often hinge on identification issues

Where a hit-and-run accident in New York City involves death or serious injury, the driver who leaves the scene is usually apprehended by the authorities. This may be due to the perpetrator's change of heart and voluntary surrender or it may be the result of official hit-and-run investigations, including those pertaining to pedestrian accidents. In fact, many hit-and-run incidents involve the striking of a pedestrian.

Recently in New York City, a hit-and-run driver knocked down and killed a popular disc jockey as he was crossing the street at Jamaica Avenue at Scheffield Avenue in Brooklyn. The victim was Jean Paul Guerrero, who was known as DJ Jinx Paul. He had a show on La Mega 97.9.  Witnesses described particularly egregious circumstances in which the driver stopped the car and got out, observed what had happened and then quickly got back in the car and drove away.

Hurt in LIRR train derailment in Brooklyn? Here's what you need to know.

As New Yorkers, we rely heavily on public transportation to commute to and from jobs, for family outings, to run personal errands, and much more. The scenes from a Brooklyn train station this morning were horrific - smashed glass, fire, debris, victims on stretchers, people bleeding, etc.

Truck accidents involving rear-end collisions can be deadly

The combination of two tractors-trailers, a car and a pickup truck can spell deadly results if they are part of a chain-reaction crash. Truck accidents with cars and smaller vehicles occur on busy New York roadways with some frequency. One of the latest incidents occurred Dec. 27 on the Cross Bronx Expressway in New York City in an early morning tragedy that took three lives and injured five others.  

The problem started when one of the tractor-trailers was forced by traffic conditions to stop in the middle land of the highway. A pickup truck came to a stop behind the 18-wheeler. A second tractor-trailer, traveling in the same direction, did not stop and crashed into the pickup and another car, causing a chain-reaction.

Construction worker is hurt after fall into a construction hole

Conflicting news reports surrounded a Dec. 21 incident at a construction site in New York City. A series of alarms went off after a man allegedly fell into a construction hole that was estimated to be from 12 to 15 feet deep. It was reported that the injured person may have been a construction worker, but his name and the employer's name were not revealed in early reports.

The site of the accident was a 21-story apartment building on 29th Street between 7th and 8th avenues. A Fire Department spokesman said that "someone" fell in the hole and he was being checked out in the hospital. The spokesman said that he may have "minor" injuries.

Look Out Below!


We have spent many hours over the years pursuing the rights of construction accident victims and writing posts about them for the benefit of the general public in New York City. 

Many of our posts have covered the threats above us, including falling objects, ladder accidents, scaffold accidents, and crane accidents. An often overlooked threat reared its ugly head earlier this week, so we believe this is a good time to remind you to focus on what's underneath you. 

Let us explain. 

Truck accidents: Cement truck kills cyclist in New York City

Although there is a truck route only two blocks away, many commercial trucks use West 55th Street in New York City. Truck accidents on this street that involve passenger cars, pedestrians or cyclists often result in fatalities that might have been avoided had the trucks used the nearby West 57th Street. One such a fatal accident occurred at an intersection on this route on a recent Thursday morning.

According to the New York Police Department, a 56-year-old cement truck driver and a bicycle rider traveled in the direction of the Hudson River when the truck operator turned right onto another street without yielding to the cyclist. The bicycle was stuck underneath the truck, and the victim was lying behind the truck when it came to a halt. The driver of the cement truck did not leave the accident scene.

Truck Drivers May Not Have Proper Medical Certification


Truck accidents happen for many reasons, but one unseen factor in accidents could be the health of the truck drivers themselves. The legitimacy of medical cards for thousands of drivers could now be called into question after an Atlanta-based medical examiner was charged with fraud for over-issuing certifications to CDL drivers.

While most CDL medical examiners issue about a dozen cards per month, this doctor issued more than 350 per month, prompting an investigation and arrest in early December. The doctor failed to perform critical tests such as hearing and vision, blood pressure and heart rate and urinalysis, and instead forged the numbers on the required form.