Early investigation benefits injured victims of car accidents

Friday, May 5th, 2017

Visitors to New York City often marvel at how the taxi cabs and many privately operated vehicles “race” busily through the streets of Manhattan. They weave and wind their way in an apparent marathon, marked by a complete fearlessness of the car accidents that their driving appears to invite. It was that kind of business-as-usual that seems to mark a recent car accident at Fifth Avenue near 49th Street when one taxi driver struck a second cab and sideswiped it.

After hitting the other taxi, the operator hit a lamppost, bounced into a fence and violently flipped over, according to the police. Both the driver and his passenger were taken to Bellevue Hospital in serious but stable condition, according to officials. It appears that the sideswiping of the other vehicle was an act of negligence, even though the maneuvering by the cabbie was probably not apparently unusual in the see-saw traffic patterns seen as normal in many parts of the city.

The cab driver and his employer, if any, will likely be responsible for the personal injuries suffered by the passenger. The investigation and documentation of the claim is best started immediately so that vital accounts and forensic evidence is preserved to the maximum benefit of the passenger-victim. The best way to proceed is to obtain the services of a law firm that regularly handles accident cases occurring in New York City.

An experienced accident attorney will have extensive knowledge regarding the proof of liability and the strongest way to investigate and prepare such car accidents for a clean, quick recovery on behalf of the client. The injured victim, in the meantime, must obtain all necessary medical treatment and follow precisely the instructions of the treating physician. The case is not difficult in the big picture, but there are many details to remember and strategies to implement so that the benefits of experience are an invaluable assistance in pursuing such claims.

Source: nypost.com, “Yellow cab flips over in Midtown“, Danielle Furfaro, Daniel Prendergast and Amanda Woods, May 3, 2017


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