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Common Types of Public Transportation Accidents

Train Accidents · Bus Accidents · Subway Accidents · Taxi Accidents

New York residents and tourists typically do not rely on personal vehicles to get around the city, as many forms of transit are available. Mass transit and taxicab services provide an alternative to those who desire convenience, do not own a car and want to save on fuel costs. Those operating taxis, subways and buses, however, are required to be properly trained and knowledgeable about the rules and regulations which dictate their industry to prevent harm to those taking advantage of these convenient forms of transportation.

At our firm, our New York transit accident attorneys represent those who have been injured due to the negligence of a bus or taxi driver, as well as subway, train and ferry operators. If you or a loved one has been injured in New York transit accident, contact us today for a FREE evaluation of your claim.

New York Public Transportation Accidents

Our NYC accident attorneys have the experience and knowledge to handle the following types of claims:

  • Subway Accidents: New York subway accidents can result from subway derailment, sudden stops, insufficient maintenance or equipment installation. Slip and falls on the subway platform, assault in the subway station, and entrapment between subway doors are also common causes of subways accidents in New York. In the most severe cases, New York subway accidents, occurring either on the subway or its platform, can result in paralysis, permanent disability and wrongful death.
  • Bus Accidents: New York bus accidents which result in serious injury or death can occur when the bus collides with another vehicle or stationary object. These New York bus accidents can occur as a result of inclement weather, improper maintenance or failure to replace faulty parts. Bus accidents are not limited to those occurring while in transit, however, as riders can also be injured if they are let off the bus in front of a pothole or other dangerous location.
  • Taxi Accidents: Like bus crashes, New York City taxi cab accidents can involve other vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists and stationary objects. Many of these accidents occur due to dangerous driving, failure to come to complete stop at stop signs and other negligent driving practices.
  • Train Accidents: New York train accidents can occur when the train collides with another train, vehicle or person, and commonly result from driver negligence, operator fatigue or mechanical failure. Accidents can also occur inside the train due to robbery, assault or rape of train passengers.

New York Mass Transit Accident Attorneys

Regardless of your accident type, our New York City transit attorneys may be able to file a claim against the MTA, NYC Transit Authority, PATH, Metro-North Rail, Long Island Railroad or other transportation system. Because these transportation systems are required to follow certain special procedures and regulations, those injured as a result of negligence may be able to recover financial compensation. To determine if you have a valid claim, contact us today for a FREE case review.

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