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Wrist and Hand Injuries from Car Accidents

hand x-rays, hand and wrist injuries

Hand and wrist injuries are common consequences of car accidents, often caused by the force of the impact, for example, hitting the steering wheel, dashboard or seat in front of you. Like other auto accident injuries, hand and wrist injuries can be very serious and significantly impact the quality of the victim’s life.

Need to Know:

  • Hand and wrist injuries can greatly impair one’s ability to perform even the most basic daily tasks
  • Even if you do not feel hand or wrist pain immediately after an accident, you should seek medical attention
  • The attorneys at Block O’Toole & Murphy have recovered millions for clients who endured fractures, tears, dislocations, and lacerations in their hands and wrists.

Whether you are a construction worker, receptionist, bus driver, or stay-at-home parent, it is likely that the most crucial tasks of your day require the use of your hands and wrists. When one’s hand or wrist becomes injured, it impacts everything from occupational duties to personal hygiene to navigating your own home. Don’t suffer in silence; continue reading to learn how you can get financial compensation for your personal injury case.   

In This Article:

Types of Hand and Wrist Injuries

Blunt force trauma and broken car parts, such as glass or metal debris, can harm your hand and wrist during a motor vehicle collision. Common injuries include but are not limited to:

  • Fractures: The trauma of the crash can often cause broken bones to the hand and wrist. A broken wrist, for instance, is one of the most common injuries sustained after a car accident. A scaphoid fracture, which is the breaking of the small bone in the wrist, is another common injury.
  • Joint Dislocation: There are multiple joints in your hand that may become dislocated after a severe car accident. If it is not properly treated right away, it may result in permanent damage to the hand.
  • Puncture Wounds and Lacerations: Car wreck debris can pierce parts of the hand or wrist, potentially causing serious harm. These wounds need to be treated properly to reduce the risk of infection. Glass, metal another other parts of the car can also slice the hands or fingers.
  • Amputations: In severe cases where parts of the hand are crushed or catastrophically damaged in car crashes, the victims may sustain finger or hand amputations.
  • Ligament Injuries: Ligaments can be severely damaged in the event of an auto accident. Ligament injuries impact the movement of the hand and wrist.

Some wrist and hand injuries may not feel serious directly after the accident. Many factors, including shock and the sheer amount of adrenaline after a crash, can impact your ability to detect pain. Some patients do not discover that they are seriously injured until hours, days, and even weeks after an accident. Consult with a doctor after any kind of car accident to make sure that your injuries are not more serious than immediately perceived.

Hand and Wrist Injury Diagnosis and Treatment

The symptoms of hand injuries may include pain, swelling, and bruising. Wrist and hand injuries are typically diagnosed with X-rays and treated like similar orthopedic injuries.

The bones will be set and immobilized, allowing them time to heal. Some hand fractures can be realigned without using a surgical incision, while others will need surgical intervention.

Pins, wires, and plates may also be used to treat a hand injury to secure bone fragments together when the bone is fractured in multiple places. Physical therapy may also be recommended to ensure a full recovery from a broken wrist or hand or other hand or wrist injury, such as those involving the tendons, ligaments, or nerves.

Hand and Wrist Injury Damages

One of the most devastating parts of a hand or wrist injury is that a victim loses the use of their hands during the healing process. Our dignity and independence are often reliant on the ability to use our hands. These injuries can make daily tasks difficult or impossible, such as bathing, brushing hair, getting dressed, tying shoes, and preparing meals.

Hand injuries in car accidents can result in costly medical bills from treatment procedures and physical therapy. While a hand or wrist heals, the victim may need time away from work, resulting in lost wages. In serious cases, the car accident victim may not be able to perform the work they used to carry out due to the damage done to their hand or wrist, thereby suffering a loss of earning capacity for the rest of their lives. If you or a loved one has sustained an injury in a car accident, you may be able to recover compensation for these and other losses resulting from the car crash.

Speak with an Auto Injury Attorney Today

If your hand or wrist was injured in a car accident, contact our office to speak with one of our skilled auto accident attorneys about your case. This case evaluation is offered to you at no cost. Simply call 212-736-5300 or email us for a FREE legal consultation.

We have recovered substantial verdicts and settlements on behalf of New York auto accident victims, including a $2.8 million auto accident settlement for a pedestrian who suffered a left thumb fracture, among other injuries, when a vehicle turned over and rolled onto the sidewalk.

Other notable results for car crash victims who suffered hand and wrist injuries include:

  • $2,750,000 settlement for a pedestrian who suffered a triangular fibrocartilage tear and radioulnar joint dislocation to her left wrist among other injuries after an auto accident
  • $2,550,000 recovery for four women who were involved in a car crash. One of them sustained a left wrist fracture while another suffered from laceration with foreign bodies in the left hand.
  • $2,250,000 in compensation for a car crash victim who suffered multiple fractures, including a wrist fracture that needed surgical repair
  • $1,650,000 settlement for a driver who sustained a fractured hand, which required open reduction and internal fixation
  • $1,281,000 settlement for a car passenger who suffered a metacarpal fracture in his right (dominant) hand after a vehicle collision

For a full list of our motor vehicle accident results, visit our Auto Accident Verdicts & Settlements section of our site. Call 212-736-5300 to speak with an attorney today.

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