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NYC Auto Accident Lawyers Representing Victims of Rollover Car Wrecks

Rollover Accident Lawyers

A common type of auto accident, rollovers occur when a vehicle rolls on one side or flips over. Rollover accidents are directly related to the car’s stability, which is affected by the relationship between the vehicle’s center of gravity and the space between the right and left tires. A narrow track width or high center of gravity can cause instability in quick turns, which subsequently increases the likelihood of a rollover accident.

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Contributing Factors in NYC Rollover Car Accidents

Rollover car accidents commonly occur when an individual takes a turn too quickly while speeding. Other factors that can contribute to the probability of a rollover accident include:

Vehicle Type: Some vehicles, including SUVs, are more susceptible to rollovers than other types of cars. Certain design features can increase these vehicles’ chances of being involved in a rollover accident, particularly when driven at high speeds or on wet roadways.

Road Conditions: Improperly maintained roads can increase a motorist’s chances of being in a car accident. However, hazardous road conditions (i.e. potholes, uneven pavement) can be particularly dangerous for vehicles with susceptibility to rollovers.

Speed: High speeds, particularly when making a sharp turn, can increase a vehicle’s chances of rolling over. Statistics show that almost 75% of rollover fatalities occurred when a vehicle was traveling at a speed of 55 mph or higher.

Driver Behavior: Most rollover accidents occur during normal driving maneuvers such as making a turn or leaving a freeway. However, driver distraction (i.e. talking on a cell phone, changing radio stations) or driving under the influence can significantly increase a driver’s chances of being involved in a rollover accident in New York.

How Defective Parts Contribute to Rollover Accidents

Faulty vehicle parts, including defective tires, are cited as a contributing cause in many car accidents, including rollover accidents. These parts may have been installed during production, maintenance or repairs. Engineers suggest that SUV manufacturers stabilize their vehicles by lowering its center of gravity and increasing the space between the left and right tires. However, these design changes would be expensive and few automakers have taken steps to make their vehicles safer.

When a rollover crash results from a defective product, the injured party may have a claim against the auto manufacturer. To have a valid claim, the defect must have occurred during design, manufacturing, handling or shipping or due to a failure to warn consumers of a vehicle hazard. In addition, the following must be true for an auto accident victim to have a valid claim against the automaker:

  • The vehicle or its parts which caused the injury must be “unreasonably dangerous”
  • The injury occurred when the vehicle was being used as intended
  • The vehicle did not change substantially since it was first sold

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