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Failure to Recognize a Motorcycle

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Many motorcycle accidents in New York occur when the driver of the passenger vehicle fails to recognize the motorcycle. According to motorcycle statistics, nearly 75% of all motorcycle accidents involve a collision between a motorcycle and another vehicle. In two-thirds of these motorcycle crashes, the driver of the other vehicle failed to notice the rider and violated his or her right of way.

If you were injured in a New York motorcycle crash, it is possible that the driver of the other vehicle is at fault for the accident and may be responsible for your losses. To find out if you can recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other damages, fill out our FREE case review form today.

In many New York motorcycle accidents, the rider is traveling in a straight path when a passenger vehicle makes a right or left turn and violates the motorcyclist’s right of way. In a number of these accidents, the driver’s view of the motorcyclist is obstructed by a glare, blind spot or door roof pillar. When a driver violates a rider’s right of way, he or she may be accountable for any resulting damages.

At Block O’Toole & Murphy, our New York motorcycle accident attorneys are dedicated to ensuring negligent drivers are held accountable for their actions. We have recovered several multi-million dollar motorcycle accident settlements, including a $14,000,000 verdict for a motorcyclist who suffered a below the knee amputation following a collision with a truck. If you or a loved one has also been injured in a motorcycle crash, our New York motorcycle accident lawyers may be able to recover compensation on your behalf. To find out if you are eligible for monetary damages, fill out our FREE case review form by clicking on the link below.

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