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$2,625,000 For Couple Killed In Tragic Auto Accident

Settlement: $2,625,000.00

Attorneys from Block O’Toole & Murphy: Stephen J. Murphy & David L. Scher

This tragic accident involved a married couple from upstate New York who were driving to Wisconsin spend Thanksgiving with their children. While traveling westbound on I-80 in Pennsylvania, the couple began to slow their car to a stop because of an accident that had occurred in front of them. As they were stopping, a tractor trailer violently struck their vehicle from the rear, killing them both instantly. They left behind their beloved two children; their son, who was 27 years old, and their daughter who was 23.

Our firm uncovered that the tractor trailer only possessed a total of approximately $906,000 of insurance coverage, a $1 Million policy that had been eroded by payouts for property damage, towing and storage fees. On top of that, the company that owned the truck was going out of business. We applied pressure, and convinced the failing company to sell all of its remaining assets at auction and preserve that money for our clients. We also persuaded the individual principals of the trucking company to pay an additional $1 Million. In all, the trucking company agreed to pay an extra $1,719,000, in addition to its full insurance policy, to settle these claims.

The case settled, without a lawsuit ever being filed, for a total of $2,625,000. Had a lawsuit been filed, the case’s venue would have been in Federal Court, specifically The United States District Court, for the Northern District of New York.

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